Thursday, January 25, 2007

a weird riddle for me

Someone sent me a riddle and he said my friend challenged me to solve it and try it yourself. It was a brain teaser indeed! I left it for sometime unopened then I decided to see if I can go wild and solve it! I printed it out and grabbed a paper and a pencil and went to my room with really high hope! I thought why I can't solve it? if I focus and then I can brag everywhere about it!
well, I had all that hope and I didn't know what it was about, nor how hard it was. all I knew is that it was for Einstein's Riddle.
I got ready and read the riddle and the beginning was: "The story behind Einstein's riddle is that Albert Einstein created it in the late 1800s, and claimed that 98% of the world population couldn't solve it. I am not sure of the true origin, but I have seen this one floating around the internet, and it is a good brain exercise." and I thought ok why not? I can be from those 2%! and I thought Albert Einstein was being too proud of he has done! I think at that moment I forget who Albert Einstein was! I did! I thought him someone I can compare myself with!
and I started with a lots of maps, thoughts,...

I was doing good -so I thought- and I was filling my map! and after filling two things, I would stop! because my brain would stop working after finding out some things, so I let my brain take the rest and relax and I would in that time stare at the paper and it would look like strange words written in some strange language. but then, it became English after sometime on brain resting! and so on was my situation with this riddle! until I was nearly done and I left it because I thought something was missing! so I searched online for this riddle and I knew what I was doing this whole time trying to fit those pits, colors, drinks, ects. I found out that the riddle's question was: "who owns the fish?" and I thought how did I manage to try and solve it without knowing that! I guess my friend forgot to give me such an important clue! but it's ok! as long as I know now!
so I returned to it and I linked things quickly and got my answer! I thought I had it right! I couldn't wait, I wanted him to be online but he wasn't! but I couldn't wait for him, so I searched for the answer online and I knew it! now you must be thrilled to know if I solved it or not! let me make you wait!
now! ok maybe a little longer!
so I didn't solve it right! although I tried! but I have learned something from this experience, never compare my self with Mr. Albert Einstein for he is such a great man indeed! I'm not dumper than Albert Einstein. no, I am no such thing! I can never be! if I was then I would be then I would be a genius indeed!
if someone is dumper than Albert Einstein, then they have all my respect! they are geniuses indeed! I admire them!
I decided with a friend of mine that I am a genius if I believed that I am! and I believed that I am! so I was a genius! and I am still!
so from this riddle I haven't found that I am genius or dump! I learned no such thing about my self! I have lives with myself some years that I am able to know whether I am genius or not!
so such a riddle can make you doubt yourself, try very hard, be angry with yourself, be happy with yourself, be proud, ects.
I had so much feeling through that riddle so thanks to Mr. Albert Einstein I have been able to experience such feelings!
and after I told the friend who sent me the riddle of my answer, he said maybe you can solve it again next year! but I think I won't because I already know the answer! and I can no longer draw maps for it the same way I did! so it's an end to this riddle with me! but I had a relationship with it! Sometimes I felt it was mocking me, sometimes I felt it was trying to give some hints which I failed to notice! So thank you Einstein's riddle for this wonderful experience