Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In schools in the middle east, they have taught us about "el foto7at el eslamia'' and how the prophet PBUH used to free people and invite them to Islam. But now as some people are accusing our Prophet and Muslims of violence and the problem is that some Muslims have doubts. It is only natural to have these doubts but the problem lies in having no one to make those people's faith strong again and then they began to question Islam and let those people who hate Islam effect them.
Now people are trying so hard to find faults in Islam and to make Muslims doubt Islam and to make them less believers.
Here lies the role of the family and the parents because schools don't teach us how to response to people when they talk bad about Islam and when they insult our Prophet and that's a big mistake. Instead of repeating the same facts that we have learned by the heart, teachers can bring up new issues in the class and discuss them and make students believe again and know what's right and what's wrong. And here's another obstacle which is "discussing" because we don't have that in the middle eastern schools, because when they talk about these new issues they just make a lecture or preach and they don't allow students to say what they want or even to ask some questions. Also if students have the opportunity to ask, they wouldn't because we're not used to that in schools.

I'm bringing this up because a friend of mine questioned Islam and didn't know what to think because my friend was somehow convinced about what other people said or thought about Islam.
I'm not preaching anything but I don't know the point these people who talk about Islam in that way and trying to find alibis to make people think wrong about Islam.

Also I've noticed some irrelevant things being brought up together which are: beards and Hijab!
Some people want the Iraqi government to be without people wearing or having those, because they think it's only bringing Iraq backwards instead of forward. Yes, some men have beards just to show how religious they are when in fact they don't know anything about Islam, and yes the Iraqi government maybe would be better with less of those fake religious men. But Hijab! Aren't muslims supposed to know the purpose of it? but they obviously don't!!!
Yes, some wear it because they have to and some for fashion purposes (don't how that works but I guess it's there) and some wear it because it's a tradition so the reasons differ but all for the same thing.
We need people to know why do we wear Hijab!!! because some actually chose to wear it! believe that or not! so I just don't know what do they have against Hijab, if they don't want to wear it, don't! and stop there and shut up about it!

Another issue that is Muslims in foreign countries like the UK, USA and these countries. I have noticed that there are two kinds of muslims there, 1. those who are strict muslims and they watch every move their kids make and so on. 2. those whose kids don't know a single Arabic word and they don't know anything about Islam. and just the other day we were discussing about who should be blamed for this? the parents? the kids? and we thought that the kids didn't have anything to do with moving or anything and they just don't know how to learn because they have their parents who chose to not teach them anything about where they come from and whats Islam. so it's really the parents fault that they decide not to talk to their kids in Arabic or teach them about Islam. and well it's problem even though parents think that they don't have anything to do with the middle east anymore but what if they come back one day will their kids be considered as Arabs? or as Muslims?

so I just wanted to say some things about Islam-related issues and what I thought about them, and there I've said it. :)