Friday, September 12, 2008

Some criticism that must be public!

-To Middle-Easterns mostly: When you're bored, don't say : "I'm boring!" It might true, because some people sometimes find ways to occupy themselves and find entertainment, but I'm sure you don't mean it that way when you say it, it's ok! You know limited English, improve it and start saying :"I'm bored!"
See, not so hard!

-To guys: While online, if you find something funny but not funny enough, DON'T use "Hehe". It's horrible imagining a guy say it! Try using "Haha" - Although I don't prefer it, but it's still better than that Hehe el shen3a- Or simply use: :D

-To those who have regrets after buying anything: Whether you return the item you don't want anymore, or shut up and remember why you bought the first place and wear it or give it as a gift or just forget that exists, choose what suits you most, but don't complain!

-To those to pretend to get something or to know what they don't: You got it wrong, as I or anyone, try to make you understand something correctly, then you say that horrible: "Yeah, I know!". It makes you want to say: "No you don't! You just said the exact other thing. It's not a crime to get something wrong!" But you just get so pissed off that you want hit them but you let them be.
It's ok if I told you something and if you didn't know it to act surprised or excited! Don't just say: "Yeah I know" or "It's ok" When I'm 100% sure you didn't know before!!

-To those who are on a diet because of someone forcing them, or those who make plans to start dieting (always) "tomorrow": If you lost a kilo or two, who would notice, if you're doing if for yourself, that's fine, but if you're forced, no one would notice, and the person who forces you will be on your back everywhere you go! And you who make plans to start tomorrow and count everything you eat, is that a life?

To those who force others to diet: Leave them alone. 7aram! It's a horrible feeling to have someone watching everything you eat (been there), people want to eat as much as they feel is enough and when someone's on the watch, you'll eat secretly and you'll eat more! So leave us alone!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Can't stop posting about!!

Here's a new blog post..
Yes, Ihlamurlar Altinda's not showing on MBC anymore, that doesn't mean I'm not watching it anymore, every now and then I watch some clips :)
Bulent Inal!!! (Yilmaz, Y7ya)! Vote for him for the most beautiful people of Turkey:
Click on the five stars!

If you're interested to find out what happened in the end of Ihlamurlar Altinda سنوات الضياع
Here, you can read and enjoy the story of the best tv show ever: