Thursday, September 13, 2007

updates from my life!

Me reporting to you from Nizwa school (I'm at the house now though:P) there's a new girl at our school, we just found out that she's Iraqi and so we went and had a little chit-chat with her, which we couldn't have a good conversation, she just knew that we were Iraqis too, we couldn't know her name, as to know who's her father!! and so we got some digging and we only got her first name! so that's a mystery to be solved, a reason to go to school!

Another thing, On Saturday, our Arabic, science teachers will come (they didn't come for 2-3 days, such glorious days!)
Also today is the 1st day of Ramadan (ramadan kareem to you all), really excited for it.
And our horrible English teacher, talks 'present' tense for the past and vise versa. "I said it one more time" which means "I'll read it again"
"Ball"= "Pool", and I'll stop talking about her!
*thinking of other stuff to tell*
ohh, and our life-skills teacher (life skills, its the 1st time I think what does maharat 7ayatya mean in arabic, life skills, its so weird, the phrase I mean) we had our 1st lesson on Wed. and she was trying to talk in formal Arabic and she said "a5eesh" I couldn't stop laughing.. and the girl next to me, kept making jokes and showing me her candy! I'll never sit beside her in a class again!
yea well, enough for now!
so long!