Wednesday, February 20, 2008

new songs!

It has been a while since I updated you on music! Yeah, you! You're gonna know a new artist or more! Here is some of the new songs I've been listening to (btw: not all of these songs are new)
and this list contains a lot of my favourite songs, they're soooo awesome!!!!
- Follow Through- Gavin Degraw (if you want to be with me then you have to follow through)
-Say - John Mayer, I finally like something for him :D (take out all of ur so called probelms, better put them in quotations)
- Leavin - Jesse McCartney (don't stress, girl you deserve nothing but the best)
- Breathe - Anna Nalick, it's one of the best songs ever with the best lyrics, (and I feel like I'm nakes in front of the crowd, 'coz these words are my diary screaming out loud) *thanks to Grey's anatomy for this song*
-Droplets - Colbie Callat & Jason Reeves, you can feel the love in his voice, it's a really deep song! (You left a mark I wear it proudly on my chest) *thanks Victoria*
-Carry you home - James Blunt (the strong as you are, tender you go, I'm watching you breathing for the last time) finally I like something for him *Thanks Waed*
- Over you - Daughtry, he's awesome! (well I never saw it coming, I should have started running long long time ago)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is to the greatest show ever! it made my holidays interesting!
Today I finished the 2nd season and I can say that it's my favourite show ever! and they've putten the coolest cast ever! Milo Ventimiglia (Peter, I can't say much about him, he's AWESOME) , Hayden Panettiere (Claire, she's really cool, and to West in season 2, he's gorgeous) , Zach(Sylar, the evilest grin I've ever seen), Adrian (Nathan), and everyone, I loved Santiago (Isaac Mendes) and Masi Oka (Hiro,he's so cool) and my favourite of all times MILO! :D and Ali Larter is such a great actress and Greg (Matt Parkman) and (Mohinder Suresh) but I didn't like Simone's character! :P
and (Adam Monroe, I've loved him on Alias and I love him more now, I mean the actor)
and everyone on this show! and of course I've got to mention the creater of this show Tim Kring.
I've watched this show online and although I didn't see one show, -couldn't find it- I hope they air it here so everyone can enjoy it!
so I just wanted to thank everyone on this show, and you should watch it if you can.
so if I got any name wrong, it's alright, thats what I could remember!

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Marriage is like a prison!"

As most of girls when I was young, I thought that marriage was really awesome! and I thought I'll fall in love with a guy and then we'll get married! as simple as that!
but now, -or a while ago- it seems that someone -I don't know who- is trying to change that idea of marriage -I don't know why too-, We're getting all of these messages and e-mails about how marriage is horrible and all of these stupid jokes.
The idea is that the guy is always the one who doesn't want to get married and the girl forces him to! and he's always silent and his wife is always blabbering. And the wife is always saying how she feels but he's not listening and he's really bored with this life!
And mostly it's the wife's fault because she's so shallow or she's like a chatter-box, or she's too girlie to understand her husband! Anyone noticed this?!
I've noticed this also during reading 'the Zahir' by Paulo Coleho, it's about someone whose cheating on his wife and she knows, but she also knows that they've been in a phase of their marriage that these 'shallow' things don't mean anything because she's cheating on him too!!!! -well, that's not the plot of the book! but that's what I think! I just hated the book, and I thought it was sooo boring! but I finished it anyway-
And there's something their promoting to as well -I'm using the word promoting because I think it's happening and it's for a reason I fail to comprehend, maybe to encourage relationships without marriage but again why?!- and that is after a while people will get bored of each other, and they'll start to wonder what made them marry!
I refuse to believe all of this! I think it needs a little faith from both of them and they can 'make it work' as Ne-Yo puts it in his song! I think it's so real and true, and it gives me hope!

Also since I'm taking about these stuff, I might as well bring up guys in the middle east -some of them, as some say, but maybe it's most of them are this way- they're so good with words and they can make those stupid girls feel so pretty and loved, and then they can move on to another girl with no trouble at all, and then after all they'd never marry someone who they've been out with because they want to settle with decent girls! not knowing that they've fooled so many girls and they've broken so many hearts and broken so many promises, but maybe they know that and maybe it makes them think of how wicked they are. They're so disgusting! but maybe it's not just the middle-east, maybe it's a guy-thing!

but maybe I'm just being an Arab -and I hate them, or us, when they-we- do that- and pretend or like to believe that this is some kind of invasion?! and we're the victims? that's why I want to hear from you! Am I being like a typical Arab? or you've noticed what I'm talking about?!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Movies to watch!

So as here the cinema is only in Muscat and the movies aren't so new, we usually watch them online, so here are some more movies that I've watched
August Rush it was really good, if you read the about the movie, you might think it's for kids! but it's not, it's really good!

The water horse: the Legend of the deep It's good, kinda childish and boring, but it's still really nice to watch!

Persuasion It's the greatest novel by Jane Austin after Pride and Prejudice (of course) it does the novel justice! and Captain Wentworth couldn't be handsomer (I probably should've used more, but whatever!) We were like *day dreaming* and we got so close to the screen! and let out a sigh! and we actually saw the movie on youtube, believe it or not?! it's there in 10 parts! but if you haven't read the novel, you should read it first then watch the movie! so what are you doing? still reading?! go read it! and it's ok you can stare in the picture (only if you're a girl!!! :P)

PS I love you although I didn't finish, I'm still looking for a working link to watch it online, but we watched most of it, and I gotta say that it's great, it makes you laugh and it makes you wanna cry! and all of those gorgeous actors in it! well, I'm sure it has a great end, It's a really good movie, and Hilary Swank is great, and it's really fun seeing her in a romantic movie.

Movies to watch:
Into the wild, the golden compass, wedding daze, and finish PS I love you and atonement!