Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My English, Yours and Theirs!

My English:
It's not perfect, but I like to correct other's English, and I always find mistakes in what our teacher says or writes.
I've got some made-up words that I've translated literally from Arabic like:
-Kiss-assers (which is ass kissers)
-Favor-denials (favor deniers = ungrateful)

Their English (At school)
Many (they read it as: Money)
"I talk about" Always saying that, present verb and that's the way they form all of their sentences.
Or when they do a presentation, they all start with: "Today, my presentation about ..."
And while giving definitions to words in English they go like:
Cancer: disease al sara6an!
"Can you ta36eeni daftaresh?" < this is a practice to using *can you* in real life!
Countries: Italy: Italia, France: Franca, and so on.
Programmes: brameg! *she said it like that, even though it was written in the book and it's not a new word for us*
Middle-eastern's English:

It shows more in their accents! Egyptians' accent is the most famous accent (no offense to Egyptians) they talk like:
za wezer is lovely (the weather is lovely) :P
In general Arab's accents in English are funny.
Also I've noticed a sign on a wall at the UAEian borders telling drivers to drive carefully and at the end it said: "Best Wishers!"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Introducing Arabian shows!

cAnother attempt to criticize:
is a holy month that muslims should do the good things and that kinda stuff, but some misunderstood this! By making Ramadan, a season for tv shows!

So here's how tv shows are in the middle east:

- Syrian shows:
There's the shows that talk about Syria in the old days, you have the courageous men with mustaches , women who are afraid of their husbands, people with morals, men and girls who don't see their spouses until the wedding night.

Also there's the social modern shows, that talk about the daily life problems, some are good, but others are tal6esh, not well plotted. Lately, I have lost interest in those kind of shows because they're showing one side of the Syrians' life, which is about Christians and Muslims, and also talk about love over-powering everything, that lovers do whatever they want and not consider their parents or their religion or anything!

But I still respect them, because in their shows they talk about everything and I mean everything, and I love them when they show their people-in-charge and make fun of them for stealing the country's money, which is very true.
Usually the Syrian shows are the best, with their comedy and the easy accent that everybody understands.

- Egyptian shows:
They're with the Syrian shows in the importance, people watch them for the cute accent, and the strong women whose tongues are longer than them!
Usually they're about poor families or too rich families, and the problems between them, a good thing this Ramadan they dropped the marrying-in-secret problem, because they've over dealt with it.
Although they need to drop the leading-man/woman character which is the too good person and all of the world against him/her!

- Khaliji (Gulf countries) shows:

There's the shows about the tooooo rich families and the man of the family doing what he wants and drinks and is with hookers, and all of them deal with drugs, drinking, hookers! and they're all sooo sad, and depressing!
And the actresses!! They put way too much make-up and have made so many plastic surgerys that they've stopped counting!

And there's the funny shows, that are really hilarious but the problem is that not many understand their accents.

- Badwi: (The origin of Arabs, and how they used to live, in tents and with camels, can't label which country they belong to but Jordan mostly, because most of the actors are Jordanian and the accent is kind of close to them)
They talk about revenge and wars that pass on to generations.

Now, if I have forgotten anything, please do remind me!