Friday, May 11, 2007

Our Friends

one of the privileges of being twins, is that we get to have the same friends and not only offline friends, here's something for our online friends:

Laura: She's such a sweet girl, very caring... and she wants to change this world for the better.. and we're proud that she's a friend of ours... we hope you find what you want in this life.
Evil_slayer -Boody-: a great person.. very funny.. and he's one of those people who will change this world starting from his country.. keep it up;)
Saudamini: She's such a 'sweetie' and she's our source of Indian music.. always great fun talking to her.. all the best..
Ash: one of us is going to kill him and the other one, he's relying on to save him.. a great friend.. we're lucky to know him..
Bhishma: He's very cool and doesn't know who's who.. he just says:'you sure you're Huda or Noor?' out of nowhere in the conversation.. and we love talking to him..
Zach -our boss-: can't ask for a better boss... so much fun talking to him.. we'll rock the world together.. you're an inspiration to all of us.. and you're dedication motivates us..
Rohit: can't believe how much he knows.. we're both huge fans.. keep rocking..
Medha: We have fun every time we talk to her.. we love you and just know we're there..
Waed: a great great friend.. she's such a cool nerd.. waiting to see her again.. all the best
Rux: she's so much fun.. and soo sweet.. always ready to give you an advice.. luv ya
Anu -AA-: one of the brightest people alive.. we love replying to her posts and learning about India from her.. she's a true compulsive thinker.. we're waiting for her to be our tour guide in India..
Fathi: instead of asking us 'how are you' he says: 'had your lunch? and what did you have' he'll know how we are from those questions.. he's an awesome friend.. you're invited anytime to come and have lunch with us and taste mom's cooking.. have fun at the gym:P
Amy: can't ask for a cooler friend.. and she's so talkative.. love talking to you..
Sharu & Aska: they're very cool ... can't wish you anything but the very best..
PS: we wrote this in a jumble order.. :D

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

random updates

I have this habit when I'm angry, I walk like I'm going to fight with someone.. It's freaky, even if the reason that I'm mad about is silly... but that walk is scary for other people but I like it..
and I also have this weird/scary stare at the person I'm mad at.. people can say sorry even if they didn't do anything.. but just getting face to face with them and giving them that look just lets my anger out..
and now there's this new habit when someone comes or I'm saying hi to someone or I just see someone I know, I raise my eyebrows with my face and it's like hi if I don't want to say hi to someone, so with that little nod, I get myself out of this hi/hello/how are you/how are things with you??
and I let them know that I saw them..
and there are also some friends that I'm annoying them, one about her yellow shoes and the other one about her weird laugh and one about her flat face -always make fun of it when she's not around- and one about her family-size lips...
and also having those fun fights with my friend's brother who's totally scared of me..
and without forgetting the new update to the mock-at-people list: Miss India who's beautifull :P
and that was my random updates on my habits and what's cracking down!!
but one thing before I click 'publish' I have to say something to someone:
'You just get a grip and chill out and bala zana5a... and get a life'
I feel sooooo much better now...