Wednesday, July 14, 2010


-N.. Yes!
-What?.. Yes?
-Focus with me, stop checking this or that!
-F.. Fine.
-Let's go back to the beginning. Lost, why?
-Lost touch with the inner world, I don't know whether I'm still the same or I've changed, and I sure don't know how to figure that out.
-Afraid of what?
-The unknown?
-That's too cliche, at least try to be honest!
-Ok ok! Afraid of myself, of what I know, of where I'm going to, of what's coming, of what's going, of everything and myself.
-So why are you doing this?
-To get out there, to put my mark and let it get lost in the world, knowing at least I'm trying to reach out and maybe find something.
-Find what exactly?
-Find anything, doesn't matter really. Just anything and feel less lost.
-And confused about what? Lemme guess of everything and yourself?
-I thought this was just what I have to say and you trying to be neutral, to try and help me.
-Well you thought wrong, I can't be neutral, I'm in and around you and within you, how can I be neutral when what you do affects me and you?!
-Fine, let's just focus on what we're doing here, shall we? I'm confused about who I am, and how I'm going to face this life and lifeless world.
-I thought you were confused about something original..
-Well, you're not supposed to think!
-So how do you think I can solve all of this mess?
-That's not for me to decide, you choose the way and you lead, and I'll follow.
-What? Then what's the point of all of this?
-If you can't see the point, then consider this whole conversation as something that didn't happen.

The Art of Squeezing a Lemon

It's tricky, difficult and smelly, yes that's it, the art of squeezing a lemon. I've had my share of that experience many times, so I thought why not share it with other, who might have done it but haven't really thought about it.
A Lemon is a beautiful thing, it makes food taste more acid, giving flavor to it, however to get that flavor some hard word must be done. You have to cut the lemon and then begin to squeeze it, or so you'd think! Squeezing the lemon is actually the last part, and is there any other part left, you may ask, and the answer is "Why yes!", getting rid of the seeds inside it.
Allow me to explain a bit before I go on any further, some like to squeeze and then what comes it of the seeds they'll get rid of it last, but I do it first, therefore that makes squeezing a lemon an art, because everyone has their own special approach to it.
Going back to what I was saying, after having cut the lemon in half now it is time to search and search for the seeds and get them out with the slightest lemon juice coming out during the process. And now when you see nothing, all clear beautiful yellow inside, search some more, because there are always those wicked ones that come out while squeezing and you have to get them out of the bowl. That's it? Not quite, now began the journey of squeezing til the last drop of the juicy lemon.
Am I mad? Perhaps!

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