Thursday, April 19, 2007

Medical school?

I don't know why here in the middle east, they have a thing for med. school.. a big thing actually.
And all must get into med. school, whether it's what they really want or if they're smart enough or they have what it takes for med. school..
I have been shocked by a friend of mine when I saw their application for grade-12 that had: the major you want to get into for university and the answer was: medical school... and I was soooo shocked that she wanted to get into med. school. I know her for almost 2 years and I know that she doesn't have what it takes to med. school.. and I know that it came from that obsession Arabs -I don't know if others have that thing for med. school also- have about med. school, they think that being a doctor is incomparable to any other job and one has respect by just being a doctor.. -no offence to any doc.-
People should go after what they want and what they are good at, because they're going to be -whatever they choose to be- a doctor/an engineer/ an artist/ etc. etc. etc. their whole life, unless they changed it in somehow. so they should consider their options and think about what they really want not what people want them to be and if you're honest about anything then you'll prove yourself wherever you are and whatever you do.. and that is exactly what I'm going to do when I choose what I want to get into at university.
and that made me think, seeing that application of my friend, there are other majors other than getting into med. school and one must follow what they're good at and what they like, and that also made me think of the poor people she's going to treat or how she will feel if she didn't make it and survive because one must have some specific qualities to get into med. school -I'm sure a lot will nod reading this-
but I didn't even bother to talk to her about it or tell her what I think because it's her life and her future and I just asked: 'you want to get into med. school?' and she said: 'yes' and that was it with her....
Now, I haven't decided what I want to get into at uni. or what do I want to be in the future but I have a clear idea of what I don't want to get into and that is medical school, I think med. school isn't for people like me and it's not something that I want to become which is being a doctor...
if you want to get into med. school then I have nothing to do with it, you're so free in getting into what you want and if you have what it takes for it then you totally got my respect because maybe you someday will treat me or maybe not..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

bug off!!!!!

I don't like telling everything that happens to me to everyone.. not that I am mysterious, neither do I claim to be and I don't not want to be one!!!
I don't care and that's a fact but this is not what I'm going to talk about.. I have talked about me when it comes to this but let me talk about people when it comes to that issue..
let me start by talking about some things about me and then how people react or act in general..
it's true that I don't like to talk much but that is only at few places or times.. I can be soooo talkative and I can be really quite..
but I don't like to spread things about me everywhere only to the people that care about me but that is kind of impossible having someone around that their mouth can't shut up and if they finished talking about what happened to them then they'll start talking what happened to me... *no offence*
Now, it's their -should I stop saying 'them, they, their?- nature and this is not what I wanted to talk about but no harm in mentioning it.
I don't know why people want to know everything about everyone.. -that is not all people but a lot of them- and some of them, you don't know them well... so it's irritating when they ask about what happened... and you can't just tell them I don't want to say.. although we have tried: it's not going to do you no good if you found out or it's none of your business or why do you want to know,, etc.
Some are just too curious and I can't understand why they are so.. sometimes when they ask me something I just remain silent and sometimes they give up and after some minutes I answer with a tone that is like whatever...
just mind your own business and leave me alone!!!!