Monday, May 26, 2008

A Pocketful of Sunshine!

hey people! I'mma be gone for a while because of exams, wish me luck :)

so I listened to this great song, by Natasha Bedingfield - A Pocketful of Sunshine. you should check it out it's awesome. and I know this band on youtube that rocks, so I thought I'd mix them together, here's the lead singer of the band doing a cover of this song, he does it his own way and he's really good, you can check out other great covers by him. He's amazing. so here it is:
Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~ SONG ~ !

So I haven't updated you on what's new and hot at the music world! Let me do that,
Here are a list of the great songs We're listening to these days:
Let me start with OneRepublic (they're awesome awesome awesome!) :

-Dreaming our loud (Hello sir, we look for Monday. Confident we'll get there someday)
one of our favourite songs Ever:
-COME HOME (hello world, hope you're listening, forgive me if I'm young, or for speaking out of turn! --- they're in the wrong place trying to make it right, but I'm tired of justifying, so I'll say you'll come home, come home!)

Leona Lewis:
-Better in Time (coming going thought I heard a knock, who's there? no one! thinking that I deserve it, but I realized that I really didn't know) GREAT song.
- Yesterday (they can take tomorrow and the plan we've made, they can take the music that we'll never play).

John Mayer: Why Georgia and Daughters.

- Take you there - Sean Kingston
- Stand - Rascal Flatts

- Hands on me - Vanessa Carlton

Friday, May 16, 2008

They're thinking for us!

I've been having these thoughts these last weeks:

"A bomb in Baghdad" "People killed in Palestine" same headlines, and we! we don't even care, we watch the news with a dead heart. and we see those horrible pictures/scenes like it's a normal thing.

We don't have our own opinion over anything now, our opinions are served to us on tv, when we watch the news, we only see what they want us to see, and they only show it from their point of view -don't know who's they-! Al-Jazeera for an example goes -or supposingly goes- by this: "al ra2i w al ra2i ala5ar" as in it shows different views.
We've stopped watching it ages ago, I don't even know if we have it now or not, and I don't even care.

There are a few channels that don't give you personalized news, and they give you news from an objective point of view and let you decide what you want to think.
Surely there's a lot of news we're not hearing about, this world has some terrible stuff more than we know, maybe more than we can imagine.

Our teachers always ask us about the news when they have watched to brag about that and to tell us that we should be updated on what's happening in the world. but if we ask them what's happening in the world in a day they haven't brought that up they'll tell that: my kid was screaming all day, or I've been busy grading your papers or any other excuse! Well, we've never asked them so that's just me imagining what they'd say.

And also apart from the news, when they advertise for anything they say: It's the best!!!
well, let us decide, how about that? :P


It's Friday, and I'm bored.
I'm dressed up, dunno why?! I'm not going anywhere today but I thought I can dress up at home :)
Since yesterday we're planning to make a strawberry milkshake but something everything come up, yesterday we didn't have milk, so mom got us milk and now we just figured out that we don't have vanilla! :'( don't know when we'll make it? but I'll tell you how it is when we make it, it's going to be the first time that we'll ever make a milkshake. :)

Exams are coming up, they're were supposed to be on the 26th of May, and we were supposed to finish on the 3rd of June, now we're starting at the 31th of May and we don't when we'll finish.
"So just four days! Not much." Correction: SIX days!!
"That way you'll have more time to study" Why would we want that?!
They think that we're finishing really early and that's why they delayed them, they made the timetable for the exams. ARGHHHHH! I'm so *bugged*!