Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It'd getting out of hand.

They are filling Arabs' heads with pathetic romances, and they are falling for it..
They're airing the most stupid tv shows and our lovely women here are believing every single word between those stupid lovers! Laugh with them, while I laugh at their stupidity. Women in fact has been divorced because of these shows, and little children are being named after those heroes and heroines. wow, imagine this with me...
'hey dad, how come my name's noor?' said the little girl innocently.
'oh honey, there was this great tv show you're mother was crazy about, she wanted to have a little boy so she could name him after the star of the show but you came in stead and so she named you after the character of the female star'
At first I though this was a phenomenon and that it was going to end soon, yet the channels want good ratings every night that's why they can't stop bringing new tv shows and with every new one, the more stupider they get. Yet the more interested people become. Not just women, no but men also, everyone seems to be not only watching but loving it and can't get enough of them.
I just want to grab some people sometimes by the shoulder and shake them to snap out of it.
This matter has gone out of hand and it needs action, yet I cannot do that. Those channels won't stop airing them because they're getting high ratings each night, so why stop something so popular? It's absurd, right?