Friday, February 13, 2009

Oscar Movies, and few more!

Well, since it's the Awards season, there have been a lot of strong movies these past months, and so I have watched some good movies:
1. The Kite Runner (as good as the novel, and the author actually appears in the end! If you have read the novel, you should watch the movie. If you haven't read the novel, then HELLO? Go read it)
2. Bedtime Stories (Here's a shocker: an Adam Sandler movie with no swears! coz it's Disney. It's really funny though.)
3. The curious case of Benjamin Button (A great movie, really! It has to win the special effects oscar. Because the movie deserves it! If you want to see Teenager Pitt, go see it, lol. No, go see it anyway.)
4. The transporter (Yeah, it's old. But I've never watched it before. It's kinda good.)
5. Get Smart (Well, I've always loved Hathaway, so it was great to see her in a comedy. I expected it to be funnier but still it was better than I thought it'd be)
6. Pineapple Express (Just a crack-up movie. and I've always <3ed James Franco!)
7. Wall-e (One of the best animated movies ever! Genius.)
8. Changeling (never loved Jolie, but this movie is great! Really! It's amazing. And it's terrible to hear that it's based on a true story.)
9. Seven Pounds (If you want to watch the movie, you mustn't know anything about it. It's really great.)
10. Slumdog Millionaire (The best! love it! didn't get disappointed at all!!! And it's one of the few movies that its music got to me in the cinema! Just awesome!!!! And that cute Dev P. Awesome! I'm glad that an Indian movie (although some were British) but still! And the dance at the end was amazing!!!!)
11. Yes man (well, it was hilarious. Really funny. Love Bradley Cooper!)

WEll, there you go. That's all. However, I just finished watching Ella Enchanted. It was good too, lol.