Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My English, Yours and Theirs!

My English:
It's not perfect, but I like to correct other's English, and I always find mistakes in what our teacher says or writes.
I've got some made-up words that I've translated literally from Arabic like:
-Kiss-assers (which is ass kissers)
-Favor-denials (favor deniers = ungrateful)

Their English (At school)
Many (they read it as: Money)
"I talk about" Always saying that, present verb and that's the way they form all of their sentences.
Or when they do a presentation, they all start with: "Today, my presentation about ..."
And while giving definitions to words in English they go like:
Cancer: disease al sara6an!
"Can you ta36eeni daftaresh?" < this is a practice to using *can you* in real life!
Countries: Italy: Italia, France: Franca, and so on.
Programmes: brameg! *she said it like that, even though it was written in the book and it's not a new word for us*
Middle-eastern's English:

It shows more in their accents! Egyptians' accent is the most famous accent (no offense to Egyptians) they talk like:
za wezer is lovely (the weather is lovely) :P
In general Arab's accents in English are funny.
Also I've noticed a sign on a wall at the UAEian borders telling drivers to drive carefully and at the end it said: "Best Wishers!"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Introducing Arabian shows!

cAnother attempt to criticize:
is a holy month that muslims should do the good things and that kinda stuff, but some misunderstood this! By making Ramadan, a season for tv shows!

So here's how tv shows are in the middle east:

- Syrian shows:
There's the shows that talk about Syria in the old days, you have the courageous men with mustaches , women who are afraid of their husbands, people with morals, men and girls who don't see their spouses until the wedding night.

Also there's the social modern shows, that talk about the daily life problems, some are good, but others are tal6esh, not well plotted. Lately, I have lost interest in those kind of shows because they're showing one side of the Syrians' life, which is about Christians and Muslims, and also talk about love over-powering everything, that lovers do whatever they want and not consider their parents or their religion or anything!

But I still respect them, because in their shows they talk about everything and I mean everything, and I love them when they show their people-in-charge and make fun of them for stealing the country's money, which is very true.
Usually the Syrian shows are the best, with their comedy and the easy accent that everybody understands.

- Egyptian shows:
They're with the Syrian shows in the importance, people watch them for the cute accent, and the strong women whose tongues are longer than them!
Usually they're about poor families or too rich families, and the problems between them, a good thing this Ramadan they dropped the marrying-in-secret problem, because they've over dealt with it.
Although they need to drop the leading-man/woman character which is the too good person and all of the world against him/her!

- Khaliji (Gulf countries) shows:

There's the shows about the tooooo rich families and the man of the family doing what he wants and drinks and is with hookers, and all of them deal with drugs, drinking, hookers! and they're all sooo sad, and depressing!
And the actresses!! They put way too much make-up and have made so many plastic surgerys that they've stopped counting!

And there's the funny shows, that are really hilarious but the problem is that not many understand their accents.

- Badwi: (The origin of Arabs, and how they used to live, in tents and with camels, can't label which country they belong to but Jordan mostly, because most of the actors are Jordanian and the accent is kind of close to them)
They talk about revenge and wars that pass on to generations.

Now, if I have forgotten anything, please do remind me!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Some criticism that must be public!

-To Middle-Easterns mostly: When you're bored, don't say : "I'm boring!" It might true, because some people sometimes find ways to occupy themselves and find entertainment, but I'm sure you don't mean it that way when you say it, it's ok! You know limited English, improve it and start saying :"I'm bored!"
See, not so hard!

-To guys: While online, if you find something funny but not funny enough, DON'T use "Hehe". It's horrible imagining a guy say it! Try using "Haha" - Although I don't prefer it, but it's still better than that Hehe el shen3a- Or simply use: :D

-To those who have regrets after buying anything: Whether you return the item you don't want anymore, or shut up and remember why you bought the first place and wear it or give it as a gift or just forget that exists, choose what suits you most, but don't complain!

-To those to pretend to get something or to know what they don't: You got it wrong, as I or anyone, try to make you understand something correctly, then you say that horrible: "Yeah, I know!". It makes you want to say: "No you don't! You just said the exact other thing. It's not a crime to get something wrong!" But you just get so pissed off that you want hit them but you let them be.
It's ok if I told you something and if you didn't know it to act surprised or excited! Don't just say: "Yeah I know" or "It's ok" When I'm 100% sure you didn't know before!!

-To those who are on a diet because of someone forcing them, or those who make plans to start dieting (always) "tomorrow": If you lost a kilo or two, who would notice, if you're doing if for yourself, that's fine, but if you're forced, no one would notice, and the person who forces you will be on your back everywhere you go! And you who make plans to start tomorrow and count everything you eat, is that a life?

To those who force others to diet: Leave them alone. 7aram! It's a horrible feeling to have someone watching everything you eat (been there), people want to eat as much as they feel is enough and when someone's on the watch, you'll eat secretly and you'll eat more! So leave us alone!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Can't stop posting about!!

Here's a new blog post..
Yes, Ihlamurlar Altinda's not showing on MBC anymore, that doesn't mean I'm not watching it anymore, every now and then I watch some clips :)
Bulent Inal!!! (Yilmaz, Y7ya)! Vote for him for the most beautiful people of Turkey:
Click on the five stars!

If you're interested to find out what happened in the end of Ihlamurlar Altinda سنوات الضياع
Here, you can read and enjoy the story of the best tv show ever:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ihlamurlar Altinda: The End! سنوات الضياع: النهاية

MAJOR SPOILERS!! for those who don't want to know the end, DON'T READ!!

New character: Fareeda! Yahya hits her by his car, so she loses her memory, Yahya takes her to his family and they take her in as one of the family. Omar meets her and they fall in love! Then she finds out that she was a belly dancer! Omar and Fareeda have a lot of problems, because he doesn't want her to dance and she says that she has to because they need money. So their relationship is all ups and downs.

Real devastation!

Yahya still doesn't know that Lamees is pregnant! and he is willing to forgive her for accusing him of trying to kill her brother, because he knew she regrets her act deeply.
Lamees's mother and brother (Omar) find out about her pregnancy and they tell her to hide this from Yahya, because they don't want them back together! She's mad at her family so she goes to the farm house.

Lamees decides to tell Yahya that she's pregnant, and she invites him to dinner, he agrees to come.
Lamees's mom goes to Yahya and shows him a document from the hospital saying that Lamees is 1 month pregnant (in fact she is 2 months pregnant, but her mom tells the doctor to do that! because Yahya and Lamees have been separated for about 2 months. And she doesn't want them together!), she plans the whole thing with Taim.
Yahya doesn't believe her at first but when she shows him that document, he loses it, so he goes to Lamees but sees that Taim is with her giving her a present for the baby! so he doesn't talk to her but just walks away!
Lamees keeps waiting him and then she goes to his sister's place and he goes to talk to her, she tells him that she's pregnant with his baby but he doesn't believe her and she's shocked that he accuses her of such a thing!
A real dilemma because they both have a right to be mad! AHH!

Lamees, Omar and her mother find out about Taim and they know that its his fault that Omar's in jail because he got them in a losing project! and he bought bad material for the building!

Lamees convinces Taim that she loves him in order to get Omar out of jail and get their house back.
Lamees, Omar and her mom are living in the same neighborhood Yahya is living in with his family, because they were broke! And then things between Omar and Yahya ease up, and they slowly become friends!

One time, Omar tells Yahya that Lamees still loves him and she doesn't think of anyone else, so Yahya is confused so he goes and asks her if that's his baby she's carrying or not but she tells him that it isn't his baby!!!! Because she's so angry with him for accusing her of cheating!

Then Omar goes to jail because Taim doesn't pay the money, then Omar has some medical emergency and they take him to the hospital, he bleeds a lot so he needs blood and then Yahya gives him blood.

Plans for engagements and marriages

Meanwhile Yahya gets engaged to Sahar, and then they find out that she has brain cancer!

Lamees accepts Taim's offer to marry him, which is part of the play, Omar gets out of jail and they get their house back, although they continue living in the same neighborhood.

Then when Yahya finds out about Lamees marrying Taim, he arranges a meeting with her and Taim's mother, and she tells Lamees that Taim is dangerous and that he killed his father!!!
Lamees already knew he was bad but she didn't know that he was a murderer!!!

Taim finds out that Lamees is playing him so he forces her to marry him by threatening to kill Yahya if she didn't! so she agrees because she has no choice.

Yahya goes twice to her when he finds out that she's still going to marry Taim, and he offers to help her but she tells him that it's her decision.
Then Lamees's best friend goes to Yahya and tells him that Lamees is marrying Taim because of him, to protect him! AHHH!


Yahya goes to the place Taim and Lamees are marrying and pulls a gun and tells Lamees to come with him, Lamees wants to but she can't because 4 men have guns ready and Taim puts a gun on Lamees's baby! so Yahya puts the gun down, and then Taim's men hit Yahya and Taim kidnaps Lamees!!

Then Yahya and Omar search with the police everywhere but they can't find her.

Lamees does some things to draw attention and to help them finding her:
1. In the yacht, she speaks to the coast guards and they come but Taim finds out and convinces them that the trans meter is broken and doesn't work!
2. In a public toilet, she writes on the mirror, Yahya's number and asks anyone to call him and tell him that she was there.
3. In a house far away where Taim has put her, she manages to escape out in the woods but she's too tired to walk so Taim finds her and brings her back to the house.
4. She grabs Taim's mobile when he's away and calls Yahya and tells him in which area she is!

Yahya and Omar search that area but can't find out which house she's in, then Taim tells Lamees that they're leaving, she manages to delay him one day, but the next day, he puts her in the car and goes to check upon the house if they've left anything, so she rings the horn so many times, and then Yahya and Omar know that that's Lamees and they go and find them! but Taim goes in the car and drives, so there's a car chase!
The car that Taim and Lamees are in, one of its tires blows up, so Taim goes out of the car and grabs Lamees with him and takes her to a cliff, then puts a gun towards Yahya and Omar, he sees that he's trapped, so he decides to jump and takes Lamees with him, but Yahya goes closer and then Taim shoots Yahya!! The police takes Taim, Lamees goes to Yahya and tells him to stay with her, Yahya says: "I haven't forgetton you!" Then he passes out!
They take him to the hospital, Sahar and Yahya's mom stare at Lamees and blame her for what happened to Yahya.
Lamees decides to tell Yahya everything when he wakes up and never be away from him again.
In the bathroom, there's Sahar, Yahya's sister and Lamees, Sahar washes her hands with very hot water so her hands get burned. Lamees's confused that Sahar didn't feel a thing! So when Lamees and Yahya's sister are alone, his sister tells Lamees that Sahar has brain cancer! Lamees understands why Yahya is still with Sahar, so now all she cares about is Yahya being in good health and she decides to leave them in peace and not to bother them.
Yahya is in danger! He goes into surgery, but then his heart stops and the doctors give up but Lamees goes into the intensive care room and tells the doctors not to give and she's very hystrical and the doctors try their best and after some time his heart starts beating again!
The doctors say that he's better now, and that he's no longer in danger. Lamees goes to the room he's in and talks to him but he's still in comma, then he opens his eyes and then closes them again.
Then Lamees decides that she doesn't want to bother him again ever again, so she leaves the hospital, and then Yahya wakes up.
The first word he says is "Lamees" and asks where she is, they tell him that he survived because of her and that she didn't leave him while he was in danger, but then she left when he was better.
Everybody comes to see Yahya and to check upon him, even Lamees's mother, who is very grateful for what he has done!
Lamees goes to the hospital with flowers, she sees that Sahar is with him, so she gives the flowers to the nurse and tells her to give it to him, so the nurse does.
Yahya asks the nurse who gave her the flowers, the nurse says: "I don't know, but she was very pretty"
Sahar goes to put the flowers in a vase, Yahya leaves his bed and goes out of the room to see who sent the flower, so he sees Lamees leaving and he says: "Lamees"

The long conversation!

Then Yahya goes to his house, and everybody is happy that he's ok.
Yahya goes out of the house to see Lamees, he finds her planting flowers, so he says: "Very nice flowers"
She's very happy that she saw him and that he's ok,
He says that he came to check upon her and see how she's doing. And offers his help to her and her baby. He offers to help her with the flowers, so he sits beside her.

He says: "You came, and you stayed with me in the hospital, and you sent me flowers, but why did you leave?"
She says that she didn't want to bother him, but he tells her that he was upset when he saw her leaving.
He says that he's happy that she's comfortable now and she says that she thanks God that he's ok. She asks him if he's still hurting, so he says that it doesn't hurt him much, but the pain comes and goes. He says that it reminds him of her!

Lamees says: "Yahya, you shouldn't be here. You need to rest. You need to go home."
Yahya says: "You're kicking me out" with a smile.
She doesn't say anything so he stands up to leave, then she says: "I didn't mean that. I'm just worried about you" Then she starts crying, he goes closer to her and holds her in his arms!!!
After some time, she realizes what they're doing so she says: "What are we doing? and Sahar? We shouldn't!"
Yahya says: "Lamees forget everything! Let's enjoy this moment and not think about anything. You're here with me and you're ok, I feel like I'm in heaven."
She says:"I was thinking about you. If you're ok. I didn't want to leave! I wanted to stay with you. When you got shot, you told me something."
He asks her what did he say, she asks: "Did you forget?"
He says: "I don't forget anything that is related to you. You're my soul and if I died, I would have died happy because I died for you! You're here in my heart, let's go"
Then they go for a walk!
They talk and they say that they regret what they had done, she says that she wants to tell him everything and she doesn't care what might happens.
He tells her to forget the past because all is forgiven and forgotten and that he accepts her the way she is and he's willing to raise her baby!!
so Lamees wants to tell Yahya that she's pregnant with his baby but she realizes that his wound is bleeding so she insists on taking him to the doctor but he refuses, he says: "No, Please. I don't feel pain when I'm with you. Let's enjoy this moment. Let my wound bleed, if it's bleeding for you, then let it bleed and bleed."
She's worried about him so she takes him to the doctor and the doctor says not to worry, it's not dangerous, so he changes the wound's bandage.
Sahar calls to check upon him and makes things awkward between Lamees and Yahya, because Lamees feels guilty for Sahar.

His Promise

Then before Lamees leaves to her house, Yahya says: "This ring should have been for you. I got engaged to Sahar to forget you! But I didn't. So now what to do?"
She tells him: "We won't do anything. We'll leave things the way they are. I love you when you're away and that's enough for me."
So she goes home, and her best friend asks her what happened, so Lamees says: "Nothing, but I feel like my heart's about to pop from its place."

Meanwhile Sahar's wedding dress is done and she tries it on, and everything's going well for her. Yahya is unhappy with her and Sahar begins to feel that!
At night Yahya goes to Lamees and tells her that he loves her and that he'll figure it out and that they'll wait til Sahar does the brain surgery then they tell her, because they planned to get married after the surgery (I mean Sahar and Yahya) and he tells her to wait for him and have faith in him.
At the same time, when he went out of the house, Sahar followed him and saw him holding hands with Lamees, so she goes home crying and she grabs her stuff and leaves to her house (because she was staying with his family)
At the morning Yahya goes to Sahar's house and finds her there and she hasn't slept all night, he brings her water but she drops the glass and then she holds shattered glass in her palm and she bleeds a lot but she doesn't feel it until Yahya notices.
She tells him that she saw him yesterday with Lamees, he tells her that it was just a visit and that everything's over between them.

Happiness can't last long

Sahar tells him if its so then she wants to get married before the surgery to feel better. So he takes her to the doctor and the doctor says that the tumor has grown bigger and that they'll have to do the surgery sooner.
Sahar asks the doctor if it's ok if she got married before the surgery, Yahya says: "I don't want you to tire yourself"
The doctor says: "No, it would be better if you got married, it will better the patient's mood and will make her feel happy." So Yahya agrees because he has no other choice.

He meets Lamees on the beach and tells her that Sahar wants to get married before the surgery and she understands everything and she tells him that they're not meant together because obstacles meet their way everytime. So she asks him to smile because that's the way she wants to remember him, so he smiles with a tear rolling down his face!!

They start preparing for the wedding and they choose an invitation card. Then, they throw a party before the wedding, but only for girls so Yahya doesn't go, instead he goes to Lamees, he tells her to tell him anything, to stop him from marrying Sahar and he'll do anything she says.
Lamees cries but only says: "Go Yahya, Sahar is waiting for you. Go!"
Yahya goes as she says, Lamees's mother tries to convince her to stop the wedding but Lamees doesn't!
On the wedding day, Yahya is very gloomy, his friends drag him to the barber to shave.
Lamees's mother goes and sees Sahar and tells her that Yahya still loves Lamees and that he doesn't love her. Sahar doesn't believe her but she starts having doubts.
Then, on the way to the hotel (where they're having the wedding) the cars stop and the car that Sahar and Yahya are in stop in front of Lamees's house. Lamees and Yahya see each other!
Then, Lamees's mother, couldn't stand seeing her daughter this unhappy, she went to the wedding and went to Sahar's room and told her that Lamees's pregnant with Yahya's baby!
Lamees finds out that her mother went so she went after her to try and stop her but she couldn't.
Sahar and Yahya enter the wedding hall, Sahar tells Yahya to tell her that he loves her for just one time, he doesn't. He only says: "Sahar, let's walk. People are staring."
Then he sees Lamees! Sahar goes to Lamees and tells her: "You're nothing but a liar. You came here to kill me."
Then, Sahar runs away but falls and they take her to the hospital and they do the brain surgery for her! Lamees is very upset with her mother for telling Sahar.
Then, Sahar gets better, Lamees decides to go away for a while, away from everything, to rest, so she visits Sahar in the hospital to see how she's doing!
"I'm happy that you're ok" Lamees says.
"Thanks." Sahar says.
"Did you tell Yahya?"
"No, I didn't"
"Good. I'm going away. You're going to get married and live happily"
"But why didn't you tell Yahya that it's his baby you're carrying not Taim's?"
"I did. But he didn't believe me."

Then Lamees's on her way out, Yahya comes in the room, he asks how she's doing. She says she's fine and tells him to take care of Sahar, then she goes.

The biggest mistake!

Sahar goes out of the hospital, she goes back to live with Yahya's family, but she's still not fully recovered.
Yahya brings her, her medicine, one time, so she tells him: "How do you know that Lamees's pregnant from Taim?"
"Look, let's not talk about that. That subject is closed." Yahya said.
"But what if it's your baby?"
"Look, I saw the hospital's report. I read the baby's actual age!"
"Oh poor Lamees, you believed a piece of paper and didn't believe her! Any woman would leave you if you accuse her of cheating!"
Then Yahya starts thinking, and turns to Sahar who nods and tells him, "It's your baby! Go! Go to Lamees, she's leaving today!"
Yahya's surprised! But he's very happy with the news, he hugs Sahar and goes to his sister and hugs her and tells her that he's going to be father and goes running to Lamees's house!
Lamees's already on her way to the house in the mountains, Yahya doesn't find her there, he tells her mother and brother that he knows that it's his baby. He asks Lamees's mother about the hospital report and she tells him that it was fake! He says he can't understand why she did that, but he says that all doesn't matter because it's him who has made the biggest mistake because he didn't believe Lamees, he should have listened to no one but her.
Lamees's brother tells her that Lamees too made a mistake with her pride, he told Yahya that he wanted to tell him but Lamees forced him not to!
He tries calling her but she doesn't answer, he calls her best friend and goes to her, she gives him the address of the house and tells him: "Finally, you know!"
Yahya says: "You knew?!"
"Even the deaf knew! Listen go find her,If you two break up again, I'll kill you!"
Yahya goes in the way to the house, the road is closed because there has been an accident, he goes to see who's hurt, he hears people saying: "Oh poor girl" "So young!"


But thank God it's not Lamees!!! Then he finally reaches the house but doesn't find Lamees. He calls her best friend who tells him that she might be at the market buying stuff.
So he goes and sees her! Lamees's confused which to buy (baby's clothes) the red one or the blue one! Yahya comes from behind her and says: "Buy the blue one, it's a tradition when it's a baby boy!"
She drops the bags in her hand when she hears his voice, they hug! but she asks him why he's here?!
He takes her to the house and tells her that Sahar told him about his baby and that she sent him! Lamees's very happy because he finally knows that it's his baby.
Yahya says: "Forgive me Lamees, I'd give you my soul, just forgive me"
She says: "I've forgiven you long long ago!"
Then at night, he feels the baby kick for the first time, he tells her that they need to go to Istanbul tomorrow to do something important. She asks what is it?
He says: "It's something official but I have to ask you first!" Then he goes on one knee and asks her to marry him, and of course she says YES!
They get back to Istanbul, and he goes to tell his mother that they're going at night to ask for Lamees's hand from her family, and they do!! Everyone's so happy and everything's perfect, then Lamees goes to Sahar to see how she's doing and to thank her!

Meanwhile Taim escaped from jail and he's planning for mischief!


Then, they decide to go back to the house in the mountains to rest and be alone together, Lamees sees Taim, Yahya assures her that Taim's in jail and maybe she's confusing him with someone else.
Then, on the way to the house in the car, Taim's in a car after them, Yahya suspects that someone is following them, Taim opens the window, only Lamees sees him, she freaks out, they get out of the car, Lamees's in pain, she screams. In Yahya's car, one of the tires has a hole! Yahya tries to call for help but there's no coverage, so he carries Lamees and takes her to the house, he goes to the hospital but the official work hours are over and no one's there so he goes to a local woman who gives birth to women, she tells him that the last baby she gave birth to was dead, he tells her hat Lamees needs help fast and that she has to help them so she goes with him. Then Yahya calls his friend and tells him to bring an ambulance with him to the house in the mountains.
Lamees's in so much pain, she screams alot then she gives birth in a really hard way because she's only 8 month pregnant, she tells Yahya: "I'm very sleepy, and if I don't wake up, let Sahar raise our baby, and marry her. Promise me!"
He tells her that this talk is useless and that she'll be ok, so she goes into a comma because of the amount of blood she lost, then the ambulance came and Yahya breaks down and starts crying, he says that it's his fault they came here! His friend (Akram) tells him to stay focused and that Lamees needs him now, Yahya doesn't hear anything that's why Akram slaps him and tells him to wake up. Then Yahya gets back to reality and they take Lamees to the hospital. Everyone waits them there, Yahya sits with Sahar and tells her what was Lamees's last wish and she tells him that Lamees is strong and that she'll live and that they'll raise their baby! She tells him if there's justice in this world then Lamees will live.
Then the doctors tell them that the surgery was a success, Lamees wakes up and sees the baby and they name him "Zein" Everyone's really happy.
Taim went to the hopital and tells the nurse that he wants to see his baby -he's so twisted that he thinks the baby is his- the nurse is new so she prepares the baby to give it to him, Sahar goes to see the baby and finds Taim there so she yells at him and takes the baby and tells the security to go after him then she brings the baby to Lamees and gives a sign to Yahya to follow her, she tells him that Taim was there! He brings a lot of men from his company to protect them, he doesn't tell Lamees anything, they get her out of the hospital and takes her to his house, he brings a lot of security and police to look for Taim, Lamees asks about Taim, Yahya tells her that he ran out of jail when she saw him, but the police found him.
Then they have a little gathering to get married legally, but without a wedding or a white gown.
Everyone is very happy for them, then they leave them alone in the house, Lamees wants to change for their baby, so she goes to find some tissues and she sees the newspaper with an article about Taim and his escape from prison, she goes to Yahya and asks him about that! He tells her to calm down, and that he didn't want to worry her, she finds out that he was at the hospital, so in that night, she doesn't sleep, but keeps holding her baby close to her because she knows that if Taim got a chance he'll take her baby away from her!

Oh Baby!

In the morning Yahya tells Lamees to get some sleep and that he'll keep an eye on the baby and won't leave him, he asks her if she trusts him, she says that she trusts no one else, so she sleeps. Then, Yahya calls Omar and he has to talk to him about a real important thing so he goes to him.
A fire starts at shop, so they all go to try to put it out. They find out some petrol so they know that someone did but they don't know why, then Yahya knows that it's Taim and that this was a set up to get everyone away from the baby. Meanwhile Taim goes into the house and takes the baby, Lamees wakes up and doesn't find the baby so she goes out and one of the guards that Yahya put to protect them and that Taim has hit, tells her the way Taim took, she goes after him bare footed, she runs. Yahya runs very fast to thehouse but doesn't find anyone, he takes the same road that Lamees took. Lamees sees Taim putting the baby in a car and going away, she yells and tells him to stop, then Yahya finds her and they take her home!
Lamees is in shock, Yahya goes to talk to her and try to calm her down, she tells him: "Don't touch me! Leave me alone" She goes to her brother and tells him to take her home.
Yahya wants to stop her but his sister tells him that he'll never know what a mother feels! He tells her: "I'm her husband and this is her house! I've lost my baby and my wife at the same day, how did that happen?!"

Then, everyone searches for Taim and the baby and the police too, but they don't find them.
Yahya goes to see how Lamees is doing, he tells her: "What I've done! I shouldn't have left
you two alone, I'm sorry, please forgive me"
"Not until you bring me my baby!" Lamees says.
"I promise you that I'll find Zein" Yahya says. He tries to reach out for her but she's too
shocked to react, she's just looking at her baby's photos, Yahya says, "Please Lamees don't
do this to me!"
Then, he leaves her, he blames himself for what has happened.
Then, Taim doesn't have a babysitter because his photos are in the newspaper, and the
baby's crying and he's not drinking milk. So he calls Lamees and tells her to come alone or
she'll never see her baby again, so she writes the address on a notebook and cuts the paper
and goes. Sahar hears her on the phone with Taim so she tries to stop her but she can't so
she calls Yahya.

Lamees goes alone and holds her baby, Taim is so twisted that he thinks that baby is his!
Lamees tries to convince Taim to let them go but she fails at that.
Then, Yahya goes to the police, but he's helpless, he doesn't know what to do, so he tells
Sahar to tell him again what happened exactly, so he sees the notebook and he knows the
address by reading the marks that were left on the next page.

He goes alone, but the police goes after him, Lamees sees him on one of the television

cameras, she tries to distract Taim, she takes the baby and goes to Yahya who gets in by

climbing the high wall.

They want to escape but Taim comes with a gun, he wants to shoot Yahya because he's the one
who's in the way of his happiness, Taim tells them that this is his baby and that he'll
raise it. Yahya tells him: "How are you going to do that? In jail?!"

Lamees tells Taim to kill her, if it's the only way that she'll get rid of him, Yahya stops
her and gives her the baby and tells her: "If I die, tell our baby how much I loved you!"

Then the police comes and surrounds the place, Taim sees that there's no escape and he
doesn't want to go back to jail, so he shoots himself in the head!

Then back at the house, Yahya asks Lamees if she has forgiven him, she says: "What are you

saying? You're the one who should forgive, when he took away my baby from me, I lost it."
So they decide never to mention Taim's name again, then Lamees's mother and Yahya's mother
tell them to go outside and enjoy each other, and they'll take care of the baby.
So they go and they go to see a house near by and they decide to buy it.

The Beautiful End!

Later on, Lamees and Yahya go to see the house, before they go in she tells him: "Oh I
can't wait til it's ready and furnished!" So they get in and she finds the house ready and
everything's set! So they go and live at that house, one night, Lamees and Yahya are on the
sofa holding each other, he tells her: "Finally we're alone!"

Then the baby starts crying, so Yahya says: "I'm sure Zein's after us, he can't leave us a
minute alone!"

After some days, everything's going great, except for Omar and Fareeda who have ended their
relationship and they broke off their engagement!

Yahya tries to bring them together but fails, he gives Omar a hard time about making
Fareeda that sad.

One day, Fareeda is really hopeless, so she tries to kill herself by inhaling gas, Yahya

and Lamees go to see how she's doing so they find her and they take her to the hospital!

But she gets better, Omar goes to see her and he says that he wants her back and that they
can work out their problems, she tells him that he only said that because he's sorry for

That same night, Yahya goes Omar and yells at him and says: "You're not a man! You have no
dignity! That poor girl was working to get money for you and you don't appreciate what
she's done! You don't deserve her!" Then he punches him on the face and leaves him.
Fareeda decides to leave, Omar thinks about what has Yahya said to him, so he goes to her
but they tell him that the bus will leave after 15 minutes, so he goes running to the bus
station, but he finds that the bus has just left, so he runs and yells "FAREEDA".
so she gets off the bus and they get back together!

Lamees and Yahya's mother are talking, Yahya's mother gives her, her wedding dress, she
tells her that she would have loved if she wore it, but she says that married in a quick
way. Lamees thanks her and tells her that it's ok, what matters is that they're together.
Omar and Fareeda go to them and they tell them that they're getting married as soon as

One day Yahya and his sister talk, she tells him: "Can you believe that this could happen?

Life's very strange!" He nods and says: "Rafif was the first girl I've fallen in love with,

my first love, then Lamees! I love her and my love is as strong as it was so many years

ago, and that's real love. She's my only hope in this life"

Lamees hears him say that and she smiles.

Fareeda tells Omar when they're alone: "I feel sorry for Lamees, I saw the way she looked

at the dress. They should've had a proper wedding."

Then Omar has an idea, on the wedding day, Omar takes Yahya with him and Fareeda takes

Lamees, and they enter the wedding together, Lamees and Fareeda in their wedding gowns, and

Omar and Yahya in their suits.

After 5 years, the whole families and couples are out in a picnic, Lamees and Yahya have
two kids now, a girl and a boy, Yahya says: "They say that love ends."
"That's a liar who said that!" Lamees said.
"I love you more every day, and I'll keep on loving you my whole life."
"Promise me!"
"I promise you by the days of the years that were lost that I'll keep on loving you."
"I promise you too!"
Then the little girl says," I promise you too"
They laugh, then Lamees tells him that there's something important she wants to tell him,
she says: "I'm pregnant"
He's soo happy, he kisses her then says to everyone, "Hey! The third is on its way, Lamees
is pregnant!"

Information about: Ihlamurlar Altinda - سنوات الضياع

hello people!
The show has 10 more episodes, that means 2 more weeks! I thought I'd post in some information about the show.
Turkish name of the show:
Ihlamurlar Atinda
Meaning in English:
Underneath the linden trees
In Arabic:
تحت ظلال الزيزفون
Number of episodes in Turkey: 80 episodes, 1 per week.
Name of the show in Arabic:
سنوات الضياع
Meaning in English:
The lost years.
Number of the episodes in the middle east: 150 episode, 5 per week.

MBC (the channel that broadcasts the show in the middle east) has made many ads for the show, the most recent one is very good:
Yahya is very sad to know that Lamees is pregnant from another man, thats why he says this:
"I've lost so many years, thinking that everyone in this life has one partner only in their life, I was wrong"
I love the ad!!

here's the latest episode, the 1st part from it! it's one of the best episodes of the show:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ihlamurlar Altinda - سنوات الضياع : The lost years!

Even though this is a very long post, but please do read it because the story in the show is really worth it!

I'm introducing you to the best tv show ever (I know I've said so about Heroes, but this show is nothing like it. The love story in it is.... I have no word that describes it, wonderful- great- awesome- etc aren't enough):

A story about a poor guy (Yahya in Arabic, Yilmaz in Turkish) who was in love with a girl (Rafif) from his neighborhood

who left him for another man (Omar) who is very rich and she marries him. Yahya is broken-hearted and started hanging out with Omar's sister (Lamees -Filliz-) to try to make Rafif jealous but ends up falling for Lamees and she falls in love with him too.
Rafif gets pregnant and gets very sick, and so she is hospitalized. Yahya goes to see her and she tells him that she still loves him and that she shouldn't have left him and says that she's sorry. Yahya tells her that there's nothing to be sorry about and that he's not upset with her. After some time she gives birth to a baby girl and she dies during giving birth.
Meanwhile, Yahya's friend (Kamal) who has some stocks from Omar's family company, leaves Yahya in charge of that company and be the manager of it.
Yahya asks Lamees to marry him and she accepts and so Kamal and his wife(Jumana) plan a engagement party
and everything goes well, except Kamal dies!
After some time, on the day of the wedding (that Lamees's family know nothing about because they wouldn't approve of such a thing) Lamees's father gets very sick and asks to see Lamees and tells her not to marry Yahya and insists on her promising him not to marry Yahya and she promises her father!!! And then he dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She obviously doesn't go to the wedding, but later that day she goes to Yahya and tells him that their relationship won't work out and calls off the wedding and Yahya asks why but she only tells him that they're not right for each other!!!
Omar and Lamees go to work in Italy and after 4 YEARS they come back, Omar doesn't get along with his little daughter but then he gets along with her, she's the cutest little thing ever.
Yahya tries so many times to ask Lamees why did she leave him but all of his attempts fail.

Here another character pops up which is Taim who is Omar's and Lamees's old friend , who loves Lamees and tries to hook her up but of course she's still in love with Yahya.
Then Yahya decides to sell the stocks of Omar's company to Omar, but he demands 10 times the original price!! They can't afford such a price! But then they manage to get the money with the help of Taim, then they go see Yahya and give him the money, then he tears the check they gave him and he tells them that their stocks' worth is a penny! and he gives it to Lamees and goes!! AHHH!! (in a really long time, Yahya gave Lamees a horse as a gift, but she said that she can't accept it unless she pays for it, and so he says that she should pay him a penny and when she knows he's serious, she gives him a penny and accepts the gift, and so the same penny was given back to Lamees which means that these stocks mean nothing to Yahya)

One night, Lamees went with Taim to a party where Yahya was there and when he saw her, he left but on his way out, she went out for him and then Taim came out too, Yahya and Lamees were in a heated conversation
Yahya grabs Lamees's arm and takes her with him and puts her in his car and she goes with him although she tries to fight a little bit but then surrenders and he takes her to a house in a farm far away. AHH!!! And he asks her why did she leave him? and she can't say why and so he gives up and tells her to go if she wants, and so she does, but on her way she trips and starts crying and sit somewhere and then someone comes in the dark behind her,
of course it's Yahya!! AHHH!! he takes her with him and they make up and get back together and he makes her breakfast. Then, Omar and Taim report to the police about Yahya and then the police comes and takes him but Lamees says that he didn't kidnap her and that she went in her own will.
After some time, Yahya's mother comes to Lamees and tells her that she wants her away from her son because she only brings him trouble!! Lamees is embarrassed but stays with Yahya,
then Taim tries to set Yahya and Lamees apart and he sends some men to to hit Yahya and he is injured but no serious damages.
Then, after some time Taim sends the same men to shoot Omar but not kill him and make it look like Yahya did it. They put the gun in Yahya's car (they stole the gun from Yahya's company, so it's considered Yahya's gun!)
Now Yahya is on the run because he wants to prove that he didn't do it! Then when Lamees finds out about the gun goes to Kamal's wife (Jumana) and tells her: "Yahya did it! I can't believe I believed him." Jumana tries to calm her down but then Yahya (yes, he was there!) says: "Don't bother Jumana! She judged and won't change her mind! I'll prove to you that I'm innocent but it'd be too late when you find out! Remember that" And that's where the problem lies!!!
Then Yahya finds a tape showing that the gun was stolen and he turns himself in but the police let him go because they know he's innocent! Yahya finds out that Taim is behind this! but he hasn't any evidence that convicts him.
Now, it is too late! Lamees goes to him a lot of times and tells him that she can't live without him, that she loves him so very much, that she's sorry! but all that won't do. He can't forgive her!
One time at a party , Taim kisses her and she slaps him! And goes to Yahya but he just opens the car for her and tells her to go!

Another character pops up which is Sahar, Jumana's friend, who's also working in the same project in Omar's company. and ends up falling in love with Yahya!

Taim: tries to set Omar's company up and joins them in a project that he knows will make Omar's company bankrupt, and all that is done to make Lamees come to him! That man is sick! he's obsessed with her, he has her pictures everywhere in his house!

After some time, Lamees finds out she's pregnant! when Taim finds out he asks her to marry him and she takes her time to think, Taim tells Yahya that he's going to marry Lamees, Yahya tells Lamees to marry Taim (because he was angry!) and she says that she'd take his advice but she goes and says no to Taim.
When Lamees's brother and mother find out that she's pregnant, they go mad, and they want her to abort the baby but she refuses! Then she goes to Taim's house and sees the pictures he has of her and she know that he's obsessed with her, but she doesn't think him as a real threat!

This Picture ROCKS!!!
and then she wants to tell Yahya that she's pregnant, he doesn't want to listen to her and so she follows him somewhere where he went with Sahar, and there Sahar tells him that she loves him, at the same moment he sees Lamees and runs to her and asks her why she's here, she says she has something very important to say (but after she saw him with Sahar, she decides not tell him) he says to her that when she accused him a part of his love for her went away and won't come back! and he told her to marry Taim, Lamees tells him that she said no to Taim. Lamees is deeply hurt by what he said, and doesn't tell him why she came and she walks away.

After some time, they have a decent conversation and he tells her that Taim is dangerous and that she should watch out and she doesn't think that he's dangerous but promises him to watch out. And he says to her that while he is alive, she won't get hurt ever! AH!!!

Omar decides to sell a project that Lamees and Yahya worked on a long time ago and many poor people work there, when Yahya finds out he goes to him and tries to fight, Lamees tries to break them apart but they don't listen to her, Yahya says to Omar: You can't do this! This is my project and lamees's and many people work here!
Lamees faints, it's related to the baby, and so Omar takes her to the hospital and Yahya follows her and Taim and Lamees's mother come to the hospital. Yahya sees Lamees and tells her that he was really worried about her, but he still doesn't know that Lamees is pregnant.

Now this all happens in about 110 episodes, I promise there won't be any follow ups, until the show ends,
Sanawat el daya3 isn't as popular as Noor but all those who watch it know that it's so much better because it's well-plotted. and Yahya!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!! He's amazing!!!

Now here's a video that will make you laugh with them even though you don't understand what they're saying, do watch it:

Problem: Unknown!

Hey bloggers,
I'm here to talk about something I've noticed about me on the long run,
1. In my old school days, I would sometimes search for the eraser and tell everyone to look for it and then in some magical way I discover that it's in my hand.
2. This also happened in a very long time, when we finish eating, I take some plates with me and head to the bathroom and then realize that 'this ain't the kitchen'.
3. When one of my family asks me to bring something, I go to where the thing is and then come back to them and tell them to tell me again what exactly they wanted, because I forgot!
4. One time I had the mobile in my lap and I wanted to get out of the car, forgetting where the mobile was and when I got out I knew I dropped something and it was my mobile!
5. This one happened very recently, I put toothpaste on my tooth-brush and then I put the toothpaste back and then before I started brushing my teeth, unaware of what I was doing I took the toothpaste and opened it and wanted to put it again on my toothbrush, but I saw that there was already toothpaste there, so all I did was laugh at myself.

There has been so many little incidents like this, but I fail to remember but those.

I've been trying to find an explanation to them, I mean I was so young when most of these things happened so I can't say it was because of aging! It's simply not having full awareness of what we're doing and where we are.

And forgetting isn't my thing, I remember a lot of things! But all I can say is sob7an allah! and may Allah be kind upon us, we the human race!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In schools in the middle east, they have taught us about "el foto7at el eslamia'' and how the prophet PBUH used to free people and invite them to Islam. But now as some people are accusing our Prophet and Muslims of violence and the problem is that some Muslims have doubts. It is only natural to have these doubts but the problem lies in having no one to make those people's faith strong again and then they began to question Islam and let those people who hate Islam effect them.
Now people are trying so hard to find faults in Islam and to make Muslims doubt Islam and to make them less believers.
Here lies the role of the family and the parents because schools don't teach us how to response to people when they talk bad about Islam and when they insult our Prophet and that's a big mistake. Instead of repeating the same facts that we have learned by the heart, teachers can bring up new issues in the class and discuss them and make students believe again and know what's right and what's wrong. And here's another obstacle which is "discussing" because we don't have that in the middle eastern schools, because when they talk about these new issues they just make a lecture or preach and they don't allow students to say what they want or even to ask some questions. Also if students have the opportunity to ask, they wouldn't because we're not used to that in schools.

I'm bringing this up because a friend of mine questioned Islam and didn't know what to think because my friend was somehow convinced about what other people said or thought about Islam.
I'm not preaching anything but I don't know the point these people who talk about Islam in that way and trying to find alibis to make people think wrong about Islam.

Also I've noticed some irrelevant things being brought up together which are: beards and Hijab!
Some people want the Iraqi government to be without people wearing or having those, because they think it's only bringing Iraq backwards instead of forward. Yes, some men have beards just to show how religious they are when in fact they don't know anything about Islam, and yes the Iraqi government maybe would be better with less of those fake religious men. But Hijab! Aren't muslims supposed to know the purpose of it? but they obviously don't!!!
Yes, some wear it because they have to and some for fashion purposes (don't how that works but I guess it's there) and some wear it because it's a tradition so the reasons differ but all for the same thing.
We need people to know why do we wear Hijab!!! because some actually chose to wear it! believe that or not! so I just don't know what do they have against Hijab, if they don't want to wear it, don't! and stop there and shut up about it!

Another issue that is Muslims in foreign countries like the UK, USA and these countries. I have noticed that there are two kinds of muslims there, 1. those who are strict muslims and they watch every move their kids make and so on. 2. those whose kids don't know a single Arabic word and they don't know anything about Islam. and just the other day we were discussing about who should be blamed for this? the parents? the kids? and we thought that the kids didn't have anything to do with moving or anything and they just don't know how to learn because they have their parents who chose to not teach them anything about where they come from and whats Islam. so it's really the parents fault that they decide not to talk to their kids in Arabic or teach them about Islam. and well it's problem even though parents think that they don't have anything to do with the middle east anymore but what if they come back one day will their kids be considered as Arabs? or as Muslims?

so I just wanted to say some things about Islam-related issues and what I thought about them, and there I've said it. :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Pocketful of Sunshine!

hey people! I'mma be gone for a while because of exams, wish me luck :)

so I listened to this great song, by Natasha Bedingfield - A Pocketful of Sunshine. you should check it out it's awesome. and I know this band on youtube that rocks, so I thought I'd mix them together, here's the lead singer of the band doing a cover of this song, he does it his own way and he's really good, you can check out other great covers by him. He's amazing. so here it is:
Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~ SONG ~ !

So I haven't updated you on what's new and hot at the music world! Let me do that,
Here are a list of the great songs We're listening to these days:
Let me start with OneRepublic (they're awesome awesome awesome!) :

-Dreaming our loud (Hello sir, we look for Monday. Confident we'll get there someday)
one of our favourite songs Ever:
-COME HOME (hello world, hope you're listening, forgive me if I'm young, or for speaking out of turn! --- they're in the wrong place trying to make it right, but I'm tired of justifying, so I'll say you'll come home, come home!)

Leona Lewis:
-Better in Time (coming going thought I heard a knock, who's there? no one! thinking that I deserve it, but I realized that I really didn't know) GREAT song.
- Yesterday (they can take tomorrow and the plan we've made, they can take the music that we'll never play).

John Mayer: Why Georgia and Daughters.

- Take you there - Sean Kingston
- Stand - Rascal Flatts

- Hands on me - Vanessa Carlton

Friday, May 16, 2008

They're thinking for us!

I've been having these thoughts these last weeks:

"A bomb in Baghdad" "People killed in Palestine" same headlines, and we! we don't even care, we watch the news with a dead heart. and we see those horrible pictures/scenes like it's a normal thing.

We don't have our own opinion over anything now, our opinions are served to us on tv, when we watch the news, we only see what they want us to see, and they only show it from their point of view -don't know who's they-! Al-Jazeera for an example goes -or supposingly goes- by this: "al ra2i w al ra2i ala5ar" as in it shows different views.
We've stopped watching it ages ago, I don't even know if we have it now or not, and I don't even care.

There are a few channels that don't give you personalized news, and they give you news from an objective point of view and let you decide what you want to think.
Surely there's a lot of news we're not hearing about, this world has some terrible stuff more than we know, maybe more than we can imagine.

Our teachers always ask us about the news when they have watched to brag about that and to tell us that we should be updated on what's happening in the world. but if we ask them what's happening in the world in a day they haven't brought that up they'll tell that: my kid was screaming all day, or I've been busy grading your papers or any other excuse! Well, we've never asked them so that's just me imagining what they'd say.

And also apart from the news, when they advertise for anything they say: It's the best!!!
well, let us decide, how about that? :P


It's Friday, and I'm bored.
I'm dressed up, dunno why?! I'm not going anywhere today but I thought I can dress up at home :)
Since yesterday we're planning to make a strawberry milkshake but something everything come up, yesterday we didn't have milk, so mom got us milk and now we just figured out that we don't have vanilla! :'( don't know when we'll make it? but I'll tell you how it is when we make it, it's going to be the first time that we'll ever make a milkshake. :)

Exams are coming up, they're were supposed to be on the 26th of May, and we were supposed to finish on the 3rd of June, now we're starting at the 31th of May and we don't when we'll finish.
"So just four days! Not much." Correction: SIX days!!
"That way you'll have more time to study" Why would we want that?!
They think that we're finishing really early and that's why they delayed them, they made the timetable for the exams. ARGHHHHH! I'm so *bugged*!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nightmares and a fall?!

Well, I've had my share of nightmares, and some have been really scary, but this one is the most freaky nightmare I've ever had. It was a horror movie, with a masked killer who was after us and we hid somewhere and then we found him on the ceiling watching us :S then I opened my eyes and kept checking the room, I was even afraid of the sheet. But still I managed to sleep after that.

I've been thinking lately about falling in class, seriously, not as in planning to, but I can see myself falling in class and in a presence of a teacher. I've been also thinking to fall to get this thought out of my head. Maybe I won't do it, but I'll just see if I fall. I know it's strange but I can't help these thoughts from coming into my mind.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nothing :)

Hey everyone, it has been a really long time since I posted something here.
*Reminding you to check my new wordpress blog: and please do comment!*
Well, school's keeping us busy, we've got exams and homeworks as usual. and then there's our funny science teacher, who we laugh at her not with her! :P I've made the whole class believe that she likes me :P and now they're on my back whenever she's around!
Now let's update your music statues (although they're not all so new):
No air- Jordin Sparks Feat. Chris Brown
Collide - Howie Day
Nine at the afternoon - Panic! at the disco
Get it shawty - Lloyd
Why Georgia - John Mayer
Love like this - Bedingfield Feat. Kingston

so just thought of posting even though I had nothing to say. Take care ya'll.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


here are some things that happened today:
  1. Received our first birthday gift.
  2. The new english teacher/trainee from the uni came today for the first time!
  3. The English competition went well.
  4. Our English teacher did something not good! :S
  5. Dad got back from Egypt.
  6. We watched Step Up 2: the streets.
Now if you have been reading and checking out my blog, then you're welcome to check out my other blog :)
and if you were to check it out and read it, I recommend that you read my posts there from the oldest to the latest!
Now take care everybody and enjoy life! ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

new songs!

It has been a while since I updated you on music! Yeah, you! You're gonna know a new artist or more! Here is some of the new songs I've been listening to (btw: not all of these songs are new)
and this list contains a lot of my favourite songs, they're soooo awesome!!!!
- Follow Through- Gavin Degraw (if you want to be with me then you have to follow through)
-Say - John Mayer, I finally like something for him :D (take out all of ur so called probelms, better put them in quotations)
- Leavin - Jesse McCartney (don't stress, girl you deserve nothing but the best)
- Breathe - Anna Nalick, it's one of the best songs ever with the best lyrics, (and I feel like I'm nakes in front of the crowd, 'coz these words are my diary screaming out loud) *thanks to Grey's anatomy for this song*
-Droplets - Colbie Callat & Jason Reeves, you can feel the love in his voice, it's a really deep song! (You left a mark I wear it proudly on my chest) *thanks Victoria*
-Carry you home - James Blunt (the strong as you are, tender you go, I'm watching you breathing for the last time) finally I like something for him *Thanks Waed*
- Over you - Daughtry, he's awesome! (well I never saw it coming, I should have started running long long time ago)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is to the greatest show ever! it made my holidays interesting!
Today I finished the 2nd season and I can say that it's my favourite show ever! and they've putten the coolest cast ever! Milo Ventimiglia (Peter, I can't say much about him, he's AWESOME) , Hayden Panettiere (Claire, she's really cool, and to West in season 2, he's gorgeous) , Zach(Sylar, the evilest grin I've ever seen), Adrian (Nathan), and everyone, I loved Santiago (Isaac Mendes) and Masi Oka (Hiro,he's so cool) and my favourite of all times MILO! :D and Ali Larter is such a great actress and Greg (Matt Parkman) and (Mohinder Suresh) but I didn't like Simone's character! :P
and (Adam Monroe, I've loved him on Alias and I love him more now, I mean the actor)
and everyone on this show! and of course I've got to mention the creater of this show Tim Kring.
I've watched this show online and although I didn't see one show, -couldn't find it- I hope they air it here so everyone can enjoy it!
so I just wanted to thank everyone on this show, and you should watch it if you can.
so if I got any name wrong, it's alright, thats what I could remember!

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Marriage is like a prison!"

As most of girls when I was young, I thought that marriage was really awesome! and I thought I'll fall in love with a guy and then we'll get married! as simple as that!
but now, -or a while ago- it seems that someone -I don't know who- is trying to change that idea of marriage -I don't know why too-, We're getting all of these messages and e-mails about how marriage is horrible and all of these stupid jokes.
The idea is that the guy is always the one who doesn't want to get married and the girl forces him to! and he's always silent and his wife is always blabbering. And the wife is always saying how she feels but he's not listening and he's really bored with this life!
And mostly it's the wife's fault because she's so shallow or she's like a chatter-box, or she's too girlie to understand her husband! Anyone noticed this?!
I've noticed this also during reading 'the Zahir' by Paulo Coleho, it's about someone whose cheating on his wife and she knows, but she also knows that they've been in a phase of their marriage that these 'shallow' things don't mean anything because she's cheating on him too!!!! -well, that's not the plot of the book! but that's what I think! I just hated the book, and I thought it was sooo boring! but I finished it anyway-
And there's something their promoting to as well -I'm using the word promoting because I think it's happening and it's for a reason I fail to comprehend, maybe to encourage relationships without marriage but again why?!- and that is after a while people will get bored of each other, and they'll start to wonder what made them marry!
I refuse to believe all of this! I think it needs a little faith from both of them and they can 'make it work' as Ne-Yo puts it in his song! I think it's so real and true, and it gives me hope!

Also since I'm taking about these stuff, I might as well bring up guys in the middle east -some of them, as some say, but maybe it's most of them are this way- they're so good with words and they can make those stupid girls feel so pretty and loved, and then they can move on to another girl with no trouble at all, and then after all they'd never marry someone who they've been out with because they want to settle with decent girls! not knowing that they've fooled so many girls and they've broken so many hearts and broken so many promises, but maybe they know that and maybe it makes them think of how wicked they are. They're so disgusting! but maybe it's not just the middle-east, maybe it's a guy-thing!

but maybe I'm just being an Arab -and I hate them, or us, when they-we- do that- and pretend or like to believe that this is some kind of invasion?! and we're the victims? that's why I want to hear from you! Am I being like a typical Arab? or you've noticed what I'm talking about?!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Movies to watch!

So as here the cinema is only in Muscat and the movies aren't so new, we usually watch them online, so here are some more movies that I've watched
August Rush it was really good, if you read the about the movie, you might think it's for kids! but it's not, it's really good!

The water horse: the Legend of the deep It's good, kinda childish and boring, but it's still really nice to watch!

Persuasion It's the greatest novel by Jane Austin after Pride and Prejudice (of course) it does the novel justice! and Captain Wentworth couldn't be handsomer (I probably should've used more, but whatever!) We were like *day dreaming* and we got so close to the screen! and let out a sigh! and we actually saw the movie on youtube, believe it or not?! it's there in 10 parts! but if you haven't read the novel, you should read it first then watch the movie! so what are you doing? still reading?! go read it! and it's ok you can stare in the picture (only if you're a girl!!! :P)

PS I love you although I didn't finish, I'm still looking for a working link to watch it online, but we watched most of it, and I gotta say that it's great, it makes you laugh and it makes you wanna cry! and all of those gorgeous actors in it! well, I'm sure it has a great end, It's a really good movie, and Hilary Swank is great, and it's really fun seeing her in a romantic movie.

Movies to watch:
Into the wild, the golden compass, wedding daze, and finish PS I love you and atonement!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My opinion on some issues!

Topic 1:
I've noticed this a lot, not just lately, why do most of the singers put all of those almost naked girls in all of their videos?! I mean yea the directors do the video clip, but the singers agree!!
Enrique has them in most of his clips! and also Massari! and so much more! Can't we have some decent video clips, don't we deserve some? It's sick, and sometimes the song is really good, but the video ruins it, not bad videos, but videos with those girls!
And all of those Arabic singers do the same, and sometimes worse, all of those female-singers, who I don't know what they try to do, but it's plain stupid! and so are they. and also the male-singers, with those indecent girls!

I just wanted to say that because I've been thinking a lot about this.

Topic 2:
There's a phenomenon (not sure that's the right word, but couldn't find any better) that has being going on for awhile, before the Asian Cup, I noticed this on a lot of young Iraqis who don't know how to express their love for Iraq the right way! so they wear hats, necklaces, shirts that has the Iraqi flag on it, and putting pictures of it everywhere, and listening to 'Hosam Al-Rassam' and talking about Iraq and wishing to be there and getting all poetic like they have something to prove!
They don't need to over do it! It just gets on my nerves because I know some of them don't know what they're talking about, they just think that they have to do this, they don't really feel strong for Iraq, because if you really love someone/something, you wouldn't say that to everyone you meet! and you don't feel like you have to over do it, just pray and hope for the best, and inshallah things will get better!
and we have another type of Iraqis who are outside of Iraq, who talk in another accent and feel nothing for Iraq and wish they were from another place, and they just have nothing to do with it, but we also have the ones who are real and sincere and whose love will stand the test of time!

BTW: all of the lines that are on the 'authors lines selection' are written by me, just liked to give myself some credit.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

movies and music Updates!

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I've written here, so much has happened, I've finished my mid-term exams and now I'm enjoying a month off school, doing nothing, listening to music and watching movies.
So here I am to update you on the music I'm listening to and the movies I've watched so far.
I finally watched Pirates of the Carribbean movies, well not all, but I've watched some of 'The curse of the black pearl' and I've watched 'At world's end' which was great! You should watch it, it's very funny!
I am Legend is good, but it makes you wanna scream, Will Smith is such a great actor, the movie isn't very unusual but it's kinda good.
27 dresses, we've been waiting to watch it so much, and finally we did, it's very good, if you got a chance, go catch it. It's great fun.
Alvin and the chipmunks is a hilarious movie, these chipmunks are sooo cute. and one of them is Jesse McCartney!
Surf's up is one of my favourite's movies, it's awesome!!

THIS LOVE by Maroon 5, it's the greatest song ever, I'm addicted, here's Michael Buble's version!!!

Better together by Jack Johnson, thatnks Zach for recommeding it!

In this life by Delta Goodrem, this song is kicking! it's awesome!

My soul pleads for you by Simon Webbe, a good song!