Sunday, January 18, 2009

Arabian Gulf Countries in Muscat

The Gulf Countries, for those who don't know the countries, are: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and Oman.

While people are dying in Gaza, look what people in the Gulf Countries are busy with!
This cup includes Iraq and Yemen, both aren't from Gulf countries, but are on the same region!
Impor. Info.: The FIFA doesn't acknowledge this Cup as an official Cup, it's only a regional Cup, however people take it VERY seriously!
The cup this year is in Muscat (or was, because it ended today), it happens every 2 years!
People from all around the Gulf Countries came here to cheer for their country's team! Here they all wear Omani flags and they've put it on the roof, messed their cars, wearing scarves, dresses, hats, hair that has the colors of their flag!
Seriously! every time they win a match they're in the streets dancing half naked, and doing all sorts of crazy things!
Here are some pictures:

Now let me give you the full account behind this craziness!

Oman's team is very strong, they're really good, the 17th Cup, they were in the final match against Qatar and Qatar won (the cup that year was held in Qatar), and the 18th Cup went to the UAE after the final match with them against Oman (the cup that year was held in the UAE), when UAE won Omanis said that UAEian people burned their Omani flag and they hit their cars and it got ugly, this year UAE got out in the semi final matches, and so Omanis hit the UAEians' cars and it got ugly too! And The people in charge of directing and shooting, on the opening night, they're supposed to show each team on tv, but they didn't include UAEian team on tv, so the UAEian press got really pissed and demanded a public apology (and none was done) and some still keep talking that people from different countries love each other and their brothers and that kinda crap that everyone knows isn't true!
There's been too much talk about this Cup! It really makes people hate each other!
Now since Iraq got out I don't care who wins, so I watched the penalties only!
so now is the 3rd time Oman's in the final match in a row! So the Omani people were really confident that they'll win! And they did, with the penalties 6-5 against Saudi Arabia!
This is the first time ever Oman's won this Cup!

Now, Iraq was expected to get to the finals too but dunno what was wrong with the team most of them were injured and they didn't play well and they didn't have a decent training by the coach so we got out early..

The 21th Arabian Gulf Cup will be help in Iraq in 2013, so that will be really interesting to watch, they're building a whole city for sports and such stuff, so that's a good thing to be done after so many years!

In the end: "Congrats to Oman"