Saturday, August 25, 2007

Arabic Movies!!!

Let me talk about "Arabic" Movies!!
As the blockbuster of this summer was "Omar w Salma" and we all wanted to watch it! First we thought it was going to be GREAT! but as they continued advertising about it, we knew that the movie is going to suck big time! But still we needed to watch it!
And so we did, and from the first minutes of the movie we knew it's a disaster, still, we continued watching! It's about a player, Omar, who falls for a girl called Salma and she turns his world upside down, and he changed, he's no more a player! And Salma some how thinks he's cheating on her, -which he isn't, I told you he really changed!!- and then the girl who Salma thinks he cheated on her with -the other- her! -it's not so complicated, I'm just making it sound so:P-, so yes, she comes and explains to Salma that he wasn't cheating her, she just needed him help!
-that involved another guy fighting with Omar and Omar's shirt is torn apart, what a gentleman, I know! NOT-
And so they live happily ever after! There was one good thing about the movie! It's was really funny!! That's the only thing that is not just good but it's GREAT about Arabic movies! If you want to watch an Arabic movie, go see comedy! It's the BEST!
And we have a legend, his name is Addel Imam, He's a really famous actor! used to be so funny! But now I don't like him at all! His -horrible- movies: al tajroba al-almanya (or al daneemarkya!!), "3eemarab ya3qubean", "Morgan Ahmed Morgan". I didn't watch any of them, but I'm 100% sure that they suck!!!
Let's move to another kind of movies, "chick flicks", there's a director called: "Inas Al-dee'3eedy" and she says that in her movies she's just defending women!
Let me tell you how is she "defending" women. By movies like: "al ba7eethat 3n al 7oreeya",
She's just unbelievable, saying that they are just some daring ideas! And girls having sex with anyone that they meet! It's just sooooo sick! Now, a lot want her dead and hanged because of her movies, but that's just threatening, and every time she's preparing for a movie, critics criticize the movie before she even begins shooting, and so she puts a lot of inappropriate scenes more than expected, and she gets all the publicity that she wants through cirtics!
And another stupid movies 'asrar el banat' now I've watched it a long time ago, but I remember that it was about 3 girls, one who someone sents her pictures and letters and then she founds out that it was her step-dad, and one who's married, who thinks her husband is just plain and she wants him to be romantic, and I don't remember what the other one wants!
And there's a movie about 3 sisters, one who's dating an actor and she just got back from the UK and talks like she just been to the USA, and one who's boyish but she's in-love with someone she's teaching but she don't know how to act, and one who's in-love with a director and he directs her cook-show, and they all go to their psychologist neighbour, and he loves the one who dates the actor, and in the end she falls for him too and all the girls live happily ever after with the ones they love!
Another one, it's called "sahar el lyal' and that's really stupid! it's about 4 couples, and they cheat on each other with each other! Thank God, I didn't watch it, but I know what's it about!
And so many movies like that, I want to watch 'taymor w shafeeka' and 'a7lam el fata el 6a2esh', I think they're going to be funny!!
there's an actor who's in all of his movie, whether, super-crazy or super-wasted! movies like; karkar, el lamby, ..
OH! and another thing about Arabic movies, the songs that comes with them are FANTASTIC! that's also a GREAT thing!
I just love watching old plays, like 'madrast al mosha3eebeen' or 'el 3yal kebret' they're sooo funny!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Chapter 1:
"stop eating" whispered an old women to her daughter who was sitting besides Lamyia, which was like a wake up call to her, because she was lost in her own world and that was no problem to be lost there but she reminded herself that her world could wait 'til she's alone. "You're daughter's weight is fine, you're just afraid she's going to be like you when she grows up, I just hate those who want others learn from their mistakes, what's the point of living?" she thought, while nodding at what that mother was saying about a stupid t.v show which the mother thought it was great. She was very grateful for not having such a mother.This was one of the families she didn't like because of how the mother controls what her daughters eat and other issues but this is the most important reason she doesn't like them.
She couldn't wait to get to her room because she couldn't stand being with those people for that long because she was afraid that what she was thinking might be stronger than her and without noticing she'd think out loud and embarrass herself, but she was relieved that she didn't do that.
She went to her room and turned her iPod on at the max. volume so she can have a good reason if she didn't listen to anyone calling for her. She was sitting on her bed with the thoughts of some lines from songs she was listening to as the "shuffle songs" was on choosing the songs for her randomly:"if loving you with all my heart's crime then I'm guilty" then "I would never wish you bad things but I don't wish you well" then "And burned the picture in a frame, but it couldn't save me" then "It's only small drops of pain, but even the rain can turn into rivers" and "Pay attention to me I don't talk for my health".
Her mother opened her door's room to check up on her and asked if she needed anything then she went and closed the door behind her.
Lamyia is out-going, too-honest, crazy and kind-of weird. Lamyia was tall and her body was in a good shape.
Fatma, lamyia's sister, came to lamyia's room in the evening and asked her if she wanted to go out with her. "Where?" Lamyia said."I don't know. Maybe to the movies" Fatma said. "or go out to dinner""nah, no good movies there, but going out to dinner might be fun, I'll ask Shaima to come with us"
"alright, I'll go get dressed"
Lamyia called her friend, Shaima, and asked her if she could go with her.
"No, I'm really sorry but I can't. I'm going to the movies with my mom." said Shaima.
"Oh, that's ok. maybe see you tomorrow" Lamyia asked.
"Yeah, why not? cya tomorrow Lumy" and Shaima hung up.
Lamyia got herself dressed and went out with Fatma.
During dinner, Fatma said, "you know, I'm going to France with my friends this summer"
"Really?? How come you didn't tell me before?" Lamyia said. "Is it a surprise? Am I going with you? Is that why you didn't tell me before?" and she was very excited.
"No, I'm sorry. That's not why. I've told you before about it, but you were so busy drawing something and I think you had your iPod on so all I got back then was 'really? good for you' "
"Ohh, when are you going anyways?" looking disappointed.
"After a week or so, but we're not going for a long time, just 2 weeks"
"good for all of you, enjoy!"

After couple of seconds, Lamyia saw one of the people who is on her list of "seriously get a life" which was a complete different from "get a life" list who were less hopeless than the others.
"Oh, there's Rami" Fatma said when she noticed him too.
"You mean: seriously get a life, get lost, move on and go away" Lamyia said "please don't come anywhere near me..." as he saw them and was on his way to them.
"Oh God, why do I have to go through this?" Lamyia said.
"Through what?" Rami said when he came.
"Hello" Fatma said "Good to see you here" trying to distract him because she knew her sister wouldn't keep her mouth shut.
"Through eating too much" Lamyia said. "hey Rami, How are you?" and Fatma looked relieved because Lamyia didn't finish what she really wanted to say.
"Ok, now you had your little chit-chat, walk away" Lamyia said, "Kidding. No seriously, your mom is calling you over there"
"My mom?" Rami said looking around. "I didn't come with my mom. I came with Ammar" looking very confused, but then he understood what she meant and smiled, " Ohhh, yes, my mom is calling me, I better go. Nice seeing you guys, Bye" and he left.
Fatma and Lamyia were both laughing and then Fatma said, "You know if you said anything more, you could have been rude."
"Yes, I know. A fine line between being rude and being funny." Lamyia said. "I have a talent not to go too far with me being so funny" Lamyia thought she should have stopped at the fine line between those two because the last joke was rather hopeless than "funny" which is why a joke is made.
Lamyia was her worst critic. She criticised every move, word, thing she did, so she let no place for anyone to criticise her.

Chapter 2:
Next morning, Lamyia woke up at 10 AM and ate breakfast and then her phone rang and it was Shaima. She picked up and went to her room.
"Say what???" cried Lamyia.
"Yes, I know." Shaima said. "Samar is coming to our school"
"I can't believe this, the people I like never come my way and I never get to see them" Lamyia said "But the people who are on every list I have always come my way, just yesterday I saw Rami"
"Be careful, he's my brother after all"
"Well, you don't choose your family, kidding. But I'm serious. My luck is so great at the moment"
"It's good that our school is just girls, so her brother doesn't come with her"
"I know, that 10 year-old kid is so annoying. He's so rude"
"He's actually 12, and I think you make a perfect match"
"Yeah, just my type. Younger than me, shorter than me, dumper than me and so good looking"
"I know, that's why I said so. Anyways you still didn't hear the bad news yet"
"Oh, I thought nothing was worse than these news"
"Well, Samar called me and asked if she can meet us"
"Ok, you mean the two of us?"
"But why is that so bad? surely you told her an excuse?"Shaima was silent."You didn't!!!! My God, and when we'll meet her?" Lamyia said.
"Today at 6 PM, my house"
She finished her call with Shaima and then went to her mom and told her that she's going to see Samar today and told her also about how much she doesn't like her.
"No, She's such a nice girl" her mother said. "I know you, you judge people before you meet them"
"But I've already met her and my opinion didn't change about her" Lamyia said.
"That's because you didn't give her a chance and because you didn't bother to get to know her"
Lamyia knew that her mom was right as usual but she couldn't help complaining.
Lamyia got dressed and went to Shaima and found that Samar was already there, and the girls had fun and Lamyia was ashamed of herself because she was wrong about Samar.
After 2 hours, they went out to walk and get Samar home and at their way, they met Samar's brother and when he saw them he said, "Oh, isn't that the girl with her lists of people she hates?" mocking Lamyia.
She was so shocked he knew about this but she got a grip of herself and said, "Don't worry, you can steal the idea and the copy-rights"
Samar was laughing and also she made her brother to say hi to them and be nice or she'll tell their mother about him breaking the Chinese vase.
"Samar, I can't go home with you, I just saw Khaled, so I'm going with him" Her brother, Saad, said.
Lamyia looked around because she didn't know who Khaled was, and then she saw that he was a guy she only knew him by looks.
"Nice to finally put a name to that person" Lamyia said. "Thanks Saad, because of you I'm going to update my lists"
"But you don't even know him!" Shaima said.
"That's the point, isn't it?" Lamyia said laughing.
"And why are you hanging with old people? You should be around people your age" Shaima said turning to Saad.
"Ok, I'll see you guys later" Saad said ignoring what Shaima said.
They kept walking and then Rami called Shaima and told her to come back home for dinner, and so everyone went home.
"Samar is another one to be added on the list of "mis-judged people", I can't help to judge people, but I'm not giving any excuses for what I'm doing..." Thought Lamyia!

Chapter 3:
After a few days, Fatma went to France with her friends and Lamyia was alone with her parents, she felt bored at first but then thought of doing something fun before school starts.
"So what did you think of doing?" asked Shaima when they were together in Lamyia's room.
"I dunno, How about learning a language or a music instrument?" asked lamyia.
"Khaled knows how to play guitar! We can ask him to give us some lessons."
"You're kidding, right?"
"Why not?"
"Oh ok, but it's still the middle-east. We're not living in the USA".
She didn't like to be taught be a guy she didn't know.
"I'm not saying date him!"
"No way I'm going to learn guitar from him"
"Ok, How about learning Spanish or French? I really want to learn Spanish"
"I want to learn French, how about we teach each other what we have learned?"
"But I thought we could have more fun together, but that's ok, I'm in"

After couple of days, they started their courses, and Lamyia was having great fun, and she thought that one of the reasons for that is that she wasn't spending time with Shaima as much, because she thought that Shaima has changed somehow.
One day after they both finished their lesson, Shaima said, "Can I go home with you?"
"Yeah, sure"
They walked to Lamyia's place and entered Lamyia's room.
"Can I use your phone?" Shaima said.
"Of course, there you go" Lamyia said and handed the phone to her friend and then while Shaima was dailing the number, Lamyia thought of leaving her finish her phone call, so she said, "I'm really hungry, I'll go and get some thing to eat"
After few minutes, Lamyia retured to Shaima and they started eating, then Shaima said, "Aren't you going to ask who I called?"
"No, but if you want to tell me, go ahead" Lamyia answered.
"No, that's ok if you don't want to know"
"Ok cool"Lamyia thought: that was weird, who was this person that Shaima called and thought not to tell her about it, something smelled fishy.

Lamyia began noticing that Shaima started using Lamyia's phone a lot even though she has her own phone! Lamyia asked her once who was this person she was calling and sending messages to? But Shamia said, "You said you don't want to know"
And when Shaima left, Lamyia thought that person's number must be somewhere in the phone, so she looked for it and then she found it and then she sent a message saying, "Hey, What's up? How are you?"And after some minutes she got, "Hey baby, I'm good. U? cya"
Lamyia didn't know what to think, it could be anyone, she thought. And she decided to ask Shaima who was this person.

Chapter 4:
Next day, right before their lesson started, Lamyia said, "Just tell me who is he?"
"Who's he?" Shaima asked.
Lamyia didn't say anything back and gave Shaima a look that said: "I asked first"
"You really want to know?"
Shaima hesitated before speaking and then said, "Khaled"
Lamyia looked at Shaima without saying a word, she was shocked but she didn't make any facial expression and she took her book and entered the class room.
"But the lesson didn't begin yet" Shaima said.
Lamyia was calm, she didn't think about Shaima any more, she focused on the lesson and had fun.
I should've expected this from her, she's no different from the other girls, and I won't this get in my way on having fun, I just don't get the point of talking like that to any guy, what's the point? get married? yeah, right! Lamyia thought.

Next day, she talked to Shaima like nothing happened, but in the inside, a lot changed.
She doesn't feel the same way about Shaima.
"Don't act like nothing happened" Shaima said.
"It's your life! I've got nothing to do with that. I'm you friend, and your love life doesn't concern me. Just don't use my phone again please."
"Ok" Shaima said disappointed.

On the same day, Fatma returned from France with a lot to tell her family and she showed that a lot of photos in France.
And at night, Fatma entered lamyia's room and talked to her about the cute guys there and Lamyia practiced some French with her sister and then Lamyia received a message on her phone saying, "I'm really sorry for all of the trouble I've got you through, Khaled".
Fatma read the message with Lamyia and said, "Who's he?"
"Never mind him, he's the stupidest guy on the planet"
"I thought that was Tom Cruise".
Lamyia laughed and then explained that he was Shaima's boyfriend but she made Fatma swear not to tell anyone.

Chapter 5:
School started and Lamyia hanged with Samar more than with Shaima, they had so much fun together and Lamyia had more friends, and she was elected the "Class President" although she isn't so smart but she manages to have full marks at most of the exams.
One day, they had a free lesson at school and so the girls made great noise, Lamyia tried to make them stop making that noise but then she gave up and joined some girls their discussion.
"So what are you talking about?" Lamyia asked.
"Boys" one girl said.
"Ok, then I'll find another girls to talk to" Lamyia said and then gave them a wink and walked away.
They all laughed and they were never upset with her almost-rudeness but they all agreed that she had a good heart and she meant no harm.
"So what are you talking about?" she said joining another group of girls and hoping that their topic wasn't as stupid as the latter.
"Hypocrisy" One of the girls said.
"I'll tell you this about the difference between hypocrisy and being nice: if you don't like some people and they like you, you can't tell them that you don't like them, so you have to like spend some time with them, so you're forced to do that, because of how many times you've made excuses to try avoiding being with them. But those people I can't stand; I wouldn't hesitate to avoid them every time they approach but it got me into trouble"
"So you don't think we should be straight forward to everyone" said a girl.
"Then you can't go on living! You're not living alone, you have to compromise, it's not about being straight forward, it's about being honest with yourself which is more important, just know who you like and who you don't like and then act the way that suits you" Lamyia bowed after giving her speech and then said, "What a shame, no cameras around! This, my friends, doesn't happen everyday"

The bell rang announcing the end of the school day, and so everyone was rushing towards the gate, and Lamyia and Samar were waiting to be picked up by their families, and so Samar's dad came and picked the two of them because lamyia's dad couldn't come to pick her up because he was going to be late at work.
During the drive, Samar's dad said, "How was your school day?"
"Great, nice teachers, no homeworks, not tired at all" Samar said in a sarcastic tone.
"Yeah, no complains" Lamyia said.
"I didn't like school much either"
"Didn't like school? We hate it, not a slight "liking" involved in our feelings to school"
Lamyia got home and ate lunch, then slept for 3 hours and then woke up and studied and finished her homeworks and went to the kitchen and found out that her father just got home.
She drank some water then went to the living room and saw that the news was on t.v so she sat on the couch and watched some news, then she got so frustrated because of the news, so she decided to finish a project that should be finished next week but she thought that was better than watching news.
As she was about to finish, she thought; that'll be enough, I'll finish it later.
Her phone rang and it was Shaima and so she picked up.
"Hey Lamyia, what's up?"
"Nothing, just finished my homeworks"
"Great. So I saw that Samar and you became good friends"
"Yeah, you know how I mis-judge people" Lamyia said hoping that this phone call wouldn't be so long.
"You know I stopped talking to him" Shaima said. "I'll never talk to him again, you know, before anyone finds out"
"Oh yeah?" Lamyia said. "Like it's my business"
"Of course it is. You're my friend" Shaima said in an angry tone.
"I guess you should have thought better than using me in something you know I don't approve of"
"Is that all because I used your phone?"
"You know well that it isn't just that, by doing that you gave him my number, do you trust him fully? Do you think he wouldn't call me when you're not there? And you used my phone without telling me what you were doing, because you knew damn well that I wouldn't second what you did or to be more correct do!" Lamyia said without giving Shaima a chance to talk. "Ok now, glad I said everything I wanted to say, I don't think you have anything left unsaid, do you?"
"No, I don't. Good night"

Chapter 6:
Lamyia thought she may have been rude with Shaima but she didn't regret what she said because it was exactly what she was feeling.
After a few days, it was weekend, and Lamyia's family went out for lunch and then went to the movies and had fun and then they wanted to go home but Fatma said that she wanted to walk a little and then she and Lamyia will get home.
And during their walk, Fatma said, "I might get engaged in a month or so"
Fatma nodded.
"Congratulations, prince charming is actually waiting, Hisho is over there"
"Oh, don't call him that, I'll be back in a sec."
"Don't tell me that you set this up!"
"Well, if I told you that you wouldn't come with me"
"You know, if you aren't getting engaged, I'd go home and leave you alone and never talk to you"
"Wow! Then Thank God I am"Fatma went to Hisham, and Lamyia stood there for a while and then saw Khaled heading her way, and she looked around to find someone to save her from talking to him alone because she knew he had something to say to her.
She thought she saw Rami somewhere, so she looked again and saw him and went straight to him.
"I'm invisible" Rami said.
"No, you're not" Lamyia said, "Hey how are you?"
"Was good about a minute ago"
"Shut up, it's just I saw that Khaled dude heading my way so I prefered to come to you than talk to him alone"
"How do you know that he's coming to talk to you?"
"I'm a psychic"
And seconds later Khaled came and said hi and said that he wanted to have a word with Lamyia alone.
"Why?" Rami said giving him a stare.
"None of your business"
"What if I don't want to talk to you" Lamyia said.
"Then, I'll talk" Khaled said, "Why did you tell Shaima that I called you? when all I did was sending you a message"
"Doesn't make any difference" Lamyia said shocked that he was talking about this in front of Shaima's little brother and then Rami said, "Ok you said what you wanted to say now get lost".
Lamyia gave Rami a strange look, then he said, "Yeah, this lil' kid knows! I'm not that dump"
"You said it yourself" Lamyia said. wow! he's just 14 and he talked to that jerk like that, but he knows?! She thought
"Ok now, it's your turn to get lost" Rami said simling, "YES, I said it before you do, you're losing your magic"
"Yeah, alright, thanks. Cya".
Lamyia found her sister waiting for her, and then told her what happened. "I always liked that kid" Fatma said.
"Damn, he's now on just 'get a life', I am losing my magic"