Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ihlamurlar Altinda - سنوات الضياع : The lost years!

Even though this is a very long post, but please do read it because the story in the show is really worth it!

I'm introducing you to the best tv show ever (I know I've said so about Heroes, but this show is nothing like it. The love story in it is.... I have no word that describes it, wonderful- great- awesome- etc aren't enough):

A story about a poor guy (Yahya in Arabic, Yilmaz in Turkish) who was in love with a girl (Rafif) from his neighborhood

who left him for another man (Omar) who is very rich and she marries him. Yahya is broken-hearted and started hanging out with Omar's sister (Lamees -Filliz-) to try to make Rafif jealous but ends up falling for Lamees and she falls in love with him too.
Rafif gets pregnant and gets very sick, and so she is hospitalized. Yahya goes to see her and she tells him that she still loves him and that she shouldn't have left him and says that she's sorry. Yahya tells her that there's nothing to be sorry about and that he's not upset with her. After some time she gives birth to a baby girl and she dies during giving birth.
Meanwhile, Yahya's friend (Kamal) who has some stocks from Omar's family company, leaves Yahya in charge of that company and be the manager of it.
Yahya asks Lamees to marry him and she accepts and so Kamal and his wife(Jumana) plan a engagement party
and everything goes well, except Kamal dies!
After some time, on the day of the wedding (that Lamees's family know nothing about because they wouldn't approve of such a thing) Lamees's father gets very sick and asks to see Lamees and tells her not to marry Yahya and insists on her promising him not to marry Yahya and she promises her father!!! And then he dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She obviously doesn't go to the wedding, but later that day she goes to Yahya and tells him that their relationship won't work out and calls off the wedding and Yahya asks why but she only tells him that they're not right for each other!!!
Omar and Lamees go to work in Italy and after 4 YEARS they come back, Omar doesn't get along with his little daughter but then he gets along with her, she's the cutest little thing ever.
Yahya tries so many times to ask Lamees why did she leave him but all of his attempts fail.

Here another character pops up which is Taim who is Omar's and Lamees's old friend , who loves Lamees and tries to hook her up but of course she's still in love with Yahya.
Then Yahya decides to sell the stocks of Omar's company to Omar, but he demands 10 times the original price!! They can't afford such a price! But then they manage to get the money with the help of Taim, then they go see Yahya and give him the money, then he tears the check they gave him and he tells them that their stocks' worth is a penny! and he gives it to Lamees and goes!! AHHH!! (in a really long time, Yahya gave Lamees a horse as a gift, but she said that she can't accept it unless she pays for it, and so he says that she should pay him a penny and when she knows he's serious, she gives him a penny and accepts the gift, and so the same penny was given back to Lamees which means that these stocks mean nothing to Yahya)

One night, Lamees went with Taim to a party where Yahya was there and when he saw her, he left but on his way out, she went out for him and then Taim came out too, Yahya and Lamees were in a heated conversation
Yahya grabs Lamees's arm and takes her with him and puts her in his car and she goes with him although she tries to fight a little bit but then surrenders and he takes her to a house in a farm far away. AHH!!! And he asks her why did she leave him? and she can't say why and so he gives up and tells her to go if she wants, and so she does, but on her way she trips and starts crying and sit somewhere and then someone comes in the dark behind her,
of course it's Yahya!! AHHH!! he takes her with him and they make up and get back together and he makes her breakfast. Then, Omar and Taim report to the police about Yahya and then the police comes and takes him but Lamees says that he didn't kidnap her and that she went in her own will.
After some time, Yahya's mother comes to Lamees and tells her that she wants her away from her son because she only brings him trouble!! Lamees is embarrassed but stays with Yahya,
then Taim tries to set Yahya and Lamees apart and he sends some men to to hit Yahya and he is injured but no serious damages.
Then, after some time Taim sends the same men to shoot Omar but not kill him and make it look like Yahya did it. They put the gun in Yahya's car (they stole the gun from Yahya's company, so it's considered Yahya's gun!)
Now Yahya is on the run because he wants to prove that he didn't do it! Then when Lamees finds out about the gun goes to Kamal's wife (Jumana) and tells her: "Yahya did it! I can't believe I believed him." Jumana tries to calm her down but then Yahya (yes, he was there!) says: "Don't bother Jumana! She judged and won't change her mind! I'll prove to you that I'm innocent but it'd be too late when you find out! Remember that" And that's where the problem lies!!!
Then Yahya finds a tape showing that the gun was stolen and he turns himself in but the police let him go because they know he's innocent! Yahya finds out that Taim is behind this! but he hasn't any evidence that convicts him.
Now, it is too late! Lamees goes to him a lot of times and tells him that she can't live without him, that she loves him so very much, that she's sorry! but all that won't do. He can't forgive her!
One time at a party , Taim kisses her and she slaps him! And goes to Yahya but he just opens the car for her and tells her to go!

Another character pops up which is Sahar, Jumana's friend, who's also working in the same project in Omar's company. and ends up falling in love with Yahya!

Taim: tries to set Omar's company up and joins them in a project that he knows will make Omar's company bankrupt, and all that is done to make Lamees come to him! That man is sick! he's obsessed with her, he has her pictures everywhere in his house!

After some time, Lamees finds out she's pregnant! when Taim finds out he asks her to marry him and she takes her time to think, Taim tells Yahya that he's going to marry Lamees, Yahya tells Lamees to marry Taim (because he was angry!) and she says that she'd take his advice but she goes and says no to Taim.
When Lamees's brother and mother find out that she's pregnant, they go mad, and they want her to abort the baby but she refuses! Then she goes to Taim's house and sees the pictures he has of her and she know that he's obsessed with her, but she doesn't think him as a real threat!

This Picture ROCKS!!!
and then she wants to tell Yahya that she's pregnant, he doesn't want to listen to her and so she follows him somewhere where he went with Sahar, and there Sahar tells him that she loves him, at the same moment he sees Lamees and runs to her and asks her why she's here, she says she has something very important to say (but after she saw him with Sahar, she decides not tell him) he says to her that when she accused him a part of his love for her went away and won't come back! and he told her to marry Taim, Lamees tells him that she said no to Taim. Lamees is deeply hurt by what he said, and doesn't tell him why she came and she walks away.

After some time, they have a decent conversation and he tells her that Taim is dangerous and that she should watch out and she doesn't think that he's dangerous but promises him to watch out. And he says to her that while he is alive, she won't get hurt ever! AH!!!

Omar decides to sell a project that Lamees and Yahya worked on a long time ago and many poor people work there, when Yahya finds out he goes to him and tries to fight, Lamees tries to break them apart but they don't listen to her, Yahya says to Omar: You can't do this! This is my project and lamees's and many people work here!
Lamees faints, it's related to the baby, and so Omar takes her to the hospital and Yahya follows her and Taim and Lamees's mother come to the hospital. Yahya sees Lamees and tells her that he was really worried about her, but he still doesn't know that Lamees is pregnant.

Now this all happens in about 110 episodes, I promise there won't be any follow ups, until the show ends,
Sanawat el daya3 isn't as popular as Noor but all those who watch it know that it's so much better because it's well-plotted. and Yahya!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!! He's amazing!!!

Now here's a video that will make you laugh with them even though you don't understand what they're saying, do watch it:

Problem: Unknown!

Hey bloggers,
I'm here to talk about something I've noticed about me on the long run,
1. In my old school days, I would sometimes search for the eraser and tell everyone to look for it and then in some magical way I discover that it's in my hand.
2. This also happened in a very long time, when we finish eating, I take some plates with me and head to the bathroom and then realize that 'this ain't the kitchen'.
3. When one of my family asks me to bring something, I go to where the thing is and then come back to them and tell them to tell me again what exactly they wanted, because I forgot!
4. One time I had the mobile in my lap and I wanted to get out of the car, forgetting where the mobile was and when I got out I knew I dropped something and it was my mobile!
5. This one happened very recently, I put toothpaste on my tooth-brush and then I put the toothpaste back and then before I started brushing my teeth, unaware of what I was doing I took the toothpaste and opened it and wanted to put it again on my toothbrush, but I saw that there was already toothpaste there, so all I did was laugh at myself.

There has been so many little incidents like this, but I fail to remember but those.

I've been trying to find an explanation to them, I mean I was so young when most of these things happened so I can't say it was because of aging! It's simply not having full awareness of what we're doing and where we are.

And forgetting isn't my thing, I remember a lot of things! But all I can say is sob7an allah! and may Allah be kind upon us, we the human race!