Sunday, August 9, 2009

Facebook Sisters! and Updating!

This post is not going to be about facebook, let me make that clear, however it's going to be about something I've noticed happening there! You know how sisters are like right? Well, they're girls, and so you get the picture!
Still don't know where I'm going? Ok, I'll tell you without further delay, why do sisters who live in the same house wall each other and comment on pictures they probably have taken for their sisters, and the thing that really gets to me in wishing each other happy birthday!!!! It's so fake! I mean get a life, seriously!! Why would anyone do that?
I mean what's the whole point of it, and a wife writing on her status that she misses her husband so much and can't wait til he comes back from whatever trip he's taking!
It's so funny! You know, what my brother, who doesn't approve of the whole facebook thingie and doesn't have an account, said and it was completely true, he said: what's the whole point of it, updating my status and tell everyone what I'm doing, like I'm going to the bathroom > next status: Ohh, I wanna go to the bathroom so bad, > next status: In the bathroom... >next status: Finally, relieved!

Ok, I got carried away, he only said the first status as an example, and I wanted to make my point here, I could go on and on about Facebook observations, but those will do for now, :)


Knee said...

Hahaha..soo true!
my sisters used to hate me for not wanting to add them on facebook..what's the point? you already know what's happening in my life.
But I do agree with your brother on the status thingy..that's why I never let my status much..they suck anyway.

Great post :D and sorry for not telling you about the new url hehe
rock on!

sucks or not, it's mine said...

I know, totally get you!!
and no worries dear :)

Knee said...

Hey there!
missed your writings!
I just came to tell you that I changed my blog's the new one :)

Hope to see your posts pretty soon!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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