Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quite Amusing!

I live in Oman, let's make that clear! and if you don't know about Oman or how it's like, let me tell you something to give you perspective: it's a really quiet and peaceful country, and its people are really kind and so on, now you got the picture, right?
well, here's what I found , or rather what my sister pointed out, when we were walking on the beach, written on a wall:

I was really amused, that I took a picture of it!
now you can understand the source of my amusement, specially if I'm living in such a country!


Knee said...

You have to come to Egypt then..I see these things EVERYDAY :D it's like people are writing their diaries on the walls haha :D

sucks or not, it's mine said...

I knw how it is there, and I won't be as surprised, because Egypt has a population of more than 70 million right? here it's only about 2 million, and its a really clean and quiet country.. lol