Monday, April 25, 2011

A start

I blame everything for everything. Also I'm very good at finding excuses, at least I'm convinced by them. I know I sound like I'm stating those things as facts but I'm aware now more than ever of this, therefore I'm trying my best to at least be self-conscious about it.
Life goes on and never gives you a break, what's new about that? When did it stop for us? When did it wait til we catch up? Perhaps I sound frustrated, but it's not the way I attend to sound anymore. If I didn't know that I tend to blame and find excuses for everything, then I'd go on doing it without noticing. But I know I'm like this, I've known it for a long time, yet did I do anything about it?
Will this wake up call only last me a few days and then I'll just forget about every plan I've made to reconnect and start to change myself for the better? Only time can answer that, but here and now is my start.

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Aya adel said...

I've read this post over and over, and totally liked it.
I appreciate ppl who are self-conscious about their personality this much.
I mean everyone has an attitude whom he hate about himself.
I love your courage to stand by this way telling us what you hate and how you are going to fix it.
Girl, I admire u :)